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5 Etsy Thanksgiving Tokens

Good morning lovelies! I’m back after being in Atlanta for a wedding. It was a fab time, despite the whole getting on an airplane ginormously pregnant thing.  It was a wedding that I would have regretted missing, so the extra effort was definitely worth it.  Besides, I love to shake it on the dance floor and for some reason it’s a tad inappropriate to go to a dance club 8 months pregnant.  I have no idea why?!  Those unfortunate enough to have seen it in person know that while I love to dance I am terrible it.  Long arms flailing about while I repeat the same moves over and over.  It’s pretty great.  But I make up for it in heart and while I may not have the moves like Jagger, no friend will worry that we did not have fun at their wedding!

Now that I’m back it feels like Thanksgiving is upon us.  I’m laying low and having dinner with friends this year (no planes, trains or automobiles here thankyouverymuch!).  There is just enough time to find a creative hostess gift and Etsy has some great options.  Here are 5 that I’ve found.  Which one would you wish to receive?

1. This French Paper Wreath has a special vintage feeling to it.

5 Etsy Thanksgiving Tokens

2. How cute is this partridge family of beeswax candles.

5 Etsy Thanksgiving Tokens

3. Fun garland for the mantle sets a festive mood.

5 Etsy Thanksgiving Tokens

4. I think it would be adorable to wrap up this stamped serving spoon nicely and present it the hostess!

5 Etsy Thanksgiving Tokens

5. Who doesn’t love receiving handmade caramels?!  These are packaged just right.

5 Etsy Thanksgiving Tokens

Which would you choose?


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