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January can feel a bit meh. While I always do love the fresh start to get organized, its just a long, cold, grey month. And you know…those resolutions are nipping at my heels every time I reach for the comfort food. Somehow BBQ potato chips didn’t make it on the healthy diet menu. Crazy isn’t it? Maybe if I do squats while eating BBQ potato chips it will counteract and it will be like it never even happened? Right, definitely that will work…ha.

One way I cheer myself up is to make my indoor space pretty. If the outdoors is looking grey and drab a cute arrangement of flowers will brighten up my counter, desk or dresser. I like to get inexpensive grocery store bouquets and spread them out in small vases around the house. Of course this is no new concept to both Kristin and I. Here are some ways we’ve worked to create flower arrangements on a budget.

1. Pretty flowers in recycled vases add an eclectic charm to your space! Come see what we used around the house to not only reuse what would otherwise be in our recycle bin, but also give off an air of whimsy.

recycled vases

2. Easy arrangements using flowers found at Trader Joe’s set a pretty scene. From bright large sunflowers to more delicate bud vases, flowers on a budget are made to look amazing!


3. Mason jars make charming centerpieces. See our tutorial! These mason jars filled with a variety of pink roses and greenery would work great for almost any event. I can even see them being used for a chic outdoor wedding reception!

Mason Jar Centerpieces

Those are three ways we’ve taken our grocery store flowers and really maximized them around the house and for parties. They instantly make me feel cheerful and inspired. Even the mess around the house feels more like happy chaos when a nice bouquet is in sight!

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