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Black Cherry Cream Soda Float


Black Cherry Cream Soda Float

If you’ve spent any time with us here at BonBon, you know that Kristin and I love our boozy shakes. Well, to be clear, so do our husbands and since they put up with an awful lot (yes I know we are amazing and awesome, but we also ask them to basically let us hang out virtually ALL the time, ha). I mean our calls can last hours and Jake will even say it’s “Aunt Kristin” when the phone rings. So, often as a special treat or a thank you, I will whip up a boozy shake for Floyd.

Last week I was at a neighbor’s house and made root beer floats. Dang they were good! I hadn’t had a root beer float in YEARS! Since Floyd isn’t much of a root beer guy, I found this Black Cherry Cream Soda at my grocery store and decided to make him an alternate version. Needless to say it was a huge hit!

This Black Cherry Cream Soda float is as pretty as it is tasty. And with their deep pink color, how cute would these be for Valentine’s Day?! Did I mention too that they were very easy and only took two ingredients? So, let’s get mixing!

Black Cherry Float Ingredients

Black Cherry Cream Soda Float


Black Cherry Cream Soda
Vanilla Ice Cream


  • Scoop 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream into the bottom of a pint glass.
  • Pour the Black Cherry Cream Soda over the ice cream. Note it will bubble and fizz up so pour slowly giving the fizz time to reduce and then add more soda.
  • Pop in a cute straw and sip away on this tasty treat!


Black Cherry Float Final

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