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A Back-To-School Routine to Encourage Independence

This post has been sponsored by Coca-Cola. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

As we head back-to-school soon I’ve really been looking for opportunities to encourage independence in my children. While I would love to keep them my babies forever, I know it’s my role as their parent to ensure they are self-sufficient out in the world. Of course this happens in small steps and we have to create opportunities to build that confidence. Things such as this make your own after school snack and drink station help.

Snack station that encourages independence Snacks on a table with positive sign

Having drinks on hand, including DASANI® water and POWERADE®, means they can make a choice on their own while staying hydrated in the heat. A few mom-approved snacks are set out as well so that they can grab and go. I added paper bags and wrote cute messages to kick off the year on a positive note.

Powerade and DasaniSnack station that encourages independence

Whether it’s sports, homework or playing outside, the start of the school year feels so busy after the lazy days of summer. Add making dinner to my list and I’m happy to encourage independence with a snack station so there are less mom questions and they aren’t quite as underfoot as I cook.

Child smiling eating snackPart of the reason I make sure to include Dasani and Powerade is that they are truly great for our on-the-go lifestyle. The 12oz bottles are just the right size for lunch and sports bags and there are also zero calorie options. Most important on my list is that they keep my kids hydrated, a big issue here in the south.

I found these in my local Winn-Dixie drink and water aisle. Find them at your local Southeastern Grocers banner store and use this coupon for the perfect back to school discount!


And speaking of, have you downloaded the Winn-Dixie app yet? I am LOVING it! It quickly shows me everything that’s on sale, create a shopping list and keep track of all my rewards in one easy place.

Winn Dixie AppWinn-Dixie App

This make your own snack station is just one step that I’m taking to encourage independence. Last school year we tackled getting ready on their own. This year I’m also hoping to have them unload their back-packs and lunch boxes after school. And when we graduate to making their own school lunches (a mom can only hope!) I know these 12oz Dasani and Powerade drink options will be right there with us to make it easier!

Back to school routine

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