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Sophisticated Play Space

Sophisticated Play Space


You may remember a few weeks ago that I made some progress in what will be a play space for Jake that opens to the kitchen by removing some wall paper. Well I have a longer post coming on the aftermath of that wallpaper, never trust something that seems that easy! But in the meantime, my Mom is here for the weekend so I’m skipping the paint step and going right into shopping. My Mom is a shopping Jedi so I need to use her while I have her here. Right now there is so much that I am loving at CB2 that fits my vision for the space. I want it to be playful but yet nice enough for me and a friend to sip coffee while the train table is in full swing. I also just love that dino candle! I think Cb2 may be our first stop, stay tuned for progress reports and have a lovely weekend!


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