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Stitch Fix Unboxing, December 2015

You guys might recall that I’ve been receiving Stitch Fix boxes about every other month lately. I really love getting and see what is in the box since it introduces me to some items I wouldn’t otherwise try on AND I can return everything that I don’t like. Score!

I mean I literally hold the box up in the air and skip around the house singing “Stitchhhhh Fixxx!” when it arrives. It’s that fun!

Here is my latest Stitch Fix unboxing video and you can see what goodies I received just in time for New Years.

For the full breakdown, here is a detailed guide in case you want to know exactly what’s in that super cool box!
1. Trip Longsleeve Colorblock Sweater ($58)
2. Alpine Plaid Wrap Scarf ($44)
3. Dark Pink Oleta Dress ($68)
4. Straight Leg Printed Pants ($98)
5. Taza Wool Coat ($108)

So just what did I keep?! Well, after trying everything on and figuring out what I loved and what I actually needed, I decided to keep the plaid scarf and the color block sweater. I’ve already been rocking that scarf around town, here I’m modeling it after a very fun Starbucks friend date. It was perfect for 50 degree weather with no jacket! I’ll be sure to wear the color block sweater in a post soon.
Stitch Fix Scarf

What do you love or hate from this Stitch Fix box? Would you have kept this scarf too?

Note: This video is not sponsored but it does contain affiliate links.

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