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Summer Romper Outfit for Girls

Let’s talk about summer wardrobes shall we? I specifically want to address a summer romper outfit for girls that my daughter recently wore and LOVED…But first, where are you shopping for your kids’ summer clothes this year? Do you have a go-to store that you can always count on finding a ton of their clothes at? It’s Target right? I knew it. Bwah! It’s Target for us too. I just love their Cat & Jack and Art Class kids’ lines. Don’t you?! I found SO many of my baby girl’s spring outfits at Target last season and now that summer is upon us, I’ve started to fill out her summer wardrobe too! Hence, that summer romper outfit for girls…

summer romper outfit for girls

Speaking of summer style, one summer-ready piece that both my daughter and I can’t get enough of is the summer romper. Not only are they ridiculously adorable on little girls, but rompers are super practical for summer play. I just happen to have a kiddo who insists on keeping up with her big bro while wearing pretty outfits at the same time. So, a floaty romper is just the ticket for this rough and tumble, yet super girly five year old. In fact, we picked up a new summer romper outfit for girls the other day at, you guessed it, Target. She’s already worn it and insisted I wash it right away so she could rock it again. Haha!

Summer Romper Outfit for Girls

This Art Class gauze romper couldn’t be any more perfect for summer! The lightweight fabric means my daughter will stay nice and cool. And the colorful embroidery is just too pretty for words. It’s the kind of piece she can dress up for a day out with mama or throw on over her swimsuit as a chic cover-up. You gotta love love multi-purpose anything! When I shop I try to pick pieces that I can style a slew of different ways. And I shop the same way for my kids. This summer romper outfit for girls definitely fits the multi-purpose bill!

summer romper outfit

Now once you have your summer romper of choice nailed down, you need shoes and accessories of course. Just like her mother, my daughter is ALL about the accessories. Since her floral romper was so cute all on its own, we went with a simple gold glitter hair clip to go with her metallic jellies. You remember jellies right? We all had them. We actually just had a big discussion about that blast from the past over at Facebook. I’m happy to report that gone is the hard plastic of our jellies past. The updated version is much softer and much more comfortable. The second my lil’ lady bean laid eyes on the jelly sandals at Target, she had to have her own pair and she’s said nary a word about pinched tootsies. Just sayin’.

summer rompers

embroidered romper

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