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Summer Stitch Fix Review and Unboxing

I love nothing more than having the ease of great fashion delivered right to my door. It’s the time saving luxury I’ve come to depend on. Stitch Fix is one of my favorite subscription services and I do my best to share what I receive with you all each month. For this Summer Stitch Fix Review I decided to stick with my recently increased price points. I loved several things from the last box and wanted to see if this month’s box would be packed with the same fashion punch!

Summer Stitch Fix Review

I have to say, if it wasn’t for some other recent purchases, I think that this box could have been 5 for 5. That’s the golden unicorn when it comes to subscription boxes. I really liked each piece and it was difficult to decide what to keep and what had to get sent back for my fashion budget sake.

Up first was this Bailey44, Kelli Knit Dress. It was $174 and made out of a really nice knit material that felt really soft. The layered diagonal stripes felt flattering and overall it was a cute and comfortable look. I could easily throw on heels and a blazer for a meeting with this dress or strappy sandals for a date night. I love when looks pull double duty!

Stitch Fix Wrap Dress

Next I tried on this 41 Hawthorn Gozo Mesh Detail Blouse. This blouse was instantly pretty and comfortable on. These photos just don’t do it justice. However, I had purchased two other sleeveless black blouses so I decided not to keep it. It was $54 and I’ve been having a little regret over this one!
Stitch Fix Black Mesh Top

The next blouse in my Summer stitch fix review box was this Goldray Kawa Surplice Mock Neck Knit Top for $58. This was the one top I wasn’t expecting to like. But when I put it on, it was surprisingly fresh and fun. It had a cute zipper detail in the back. I love when something like this catches me off guard, don’t you?!

The pants are Pistola Topanga Cargo zipper Detail Skinny Pant for $88. They are a light purple pink color and really nice overall. I love the zipper details and the fit was great and true to size!

Stitch Fix White Collared Top

Finally, my 5th item in the box were these silver earrings. They are Bancroft Cazzette Framed Filigree Earrings for $28. They are the type of earring that gets worn non-stop but you never really stop to think about. Sweet, delicate  and not too big, these earrings are the work horse of accessories in my book.

Stitch Fix Earrings

Overall I really liked this box. It had a lot of basics that will get worn a lot in my closet. Although with summer in the air, I’m hoping for some floral summery fabrics next month.

Have you tried Stitch Fix? If not, what are you waiting for?! It’s the easiest service and you can send anything you don’t love right back! For me this is a service that I just continue to use and love!


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