10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Hip Dads

Who’s looking for unique Father’s Day gift ideas for hip Dads? You don’t want to give your Dad or significant other the same old gift everyone else gives their dads. Never fear. We’re here to help. Can you even believe Father’s Day will be here in a little over two weeks? I’ve been so caught up by the end of the school year mania, Father’s Day has kinda been off my radar. But now that that we’re closing in on our first week of summer break, I can now focus on the fella we all love so much…Dad. My hubs is an incredible father and I love celebrating him each year. He only ever wants one thing, an interrupted 18 holes. Haha! So, he’ll get his day of golf, like always, but the kids and I want to do something extra special for him too. But we haven’t quite gotten it together with the shopping situation yet.

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You see, it’s been kind of a stressful year. Anyone who’s sold and bought a house at the same time knows what I’m talking about. Change isn’t my honey’s favorite, so I really appreciate how he supported my desire to move. We’re beyond happy with our new home and neighborhood, so I was right of course. Bwah! But still, he powered through his own doubts to get us here. And on that note, it’s time to find the perfect Father’s Day gift for him! But I don’t want to get him a boring old tie or coffee mug. I want to get him something unique and unexpected! So, that’s what I had my mind on when I set out to curate some unique Father’ Day gift ideas for hip dads. I know I’m not the only wife who’s just now starting to think about this right? I didn’t think so. Well, none of us have to stress now because I found plenty of Father’s Day gift ideas for hip dads at East Dane!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Hip Dads


I don’t know about your honey, but mine sure doesn’t seem like the age he is. He still seems like the 27 year old kid I fell in love with. So, funky compression socks, a Jaws fan worthy card case and denim iPhone cover are just the sorts of things that would be right up his alley. And I know there are plenty of dads out there would dig a fancy pants board game set or balancing blocks that could double as decor. Well, Dad can play with them and you can appreciate how fabulous they look on the desk in your shared office. Haha!

More Father’s Day Ideas

Do you need more Father’s Day inspiration beyond these Father’s Day gift ideas for hip dads? We have just what you need! If sweets are the way to your hubs’ heart, our strawberry rum milkshake is always a hit! Or you and the kids could whip up some heart cookie sandwiches. And these Father’s Day gifts that we shared a couple years ago are pretty fab too. They stand the test of time! Happy shopping!

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