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Summer Snacking with Nut-Thins

This post was sponsored by Blue Diamond® as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Have summer activities and camps have had you shuttling your kids back and forth non-stop? They sure have for me! I love making summer memories with my guys but after an equally hectic school year, somehow summer schedules feel just as busy with me in the starring role as my children’s uber driver. And inevitably someone is always hungry, or dare I say hangry.

Nut Thins On The GoWhich is why snacks are seriously important. What Mom isn’t always looking for on-the-go snacks?! I just want everyone to be happy and feel good as we scoot around town. I love finding a snack that we can take with us as we head out the door that feels healthy. Even better if it’s a snack that isn’t sticky or going to leave some peel for me to find a month later in the backseat.

Nut-Thins at WalmartWhen my kids tried and loved Nut-Thins I knew we had something we could all agree on! I found mine at Walmart in the snack aisle. We all love the Nut-Thins Original Almond and the Nut-Thins Hint of Sea Salt flavors. Both are delicious on their own or paired with cheese and fruit. I just put a few small snack containers in my purse or by keys so I can grab them as we head out on our daily adventure. You can also find them in Cheddar, Smokehouse, or Pecan flavors which are also soooo good!

Sharing a snackNut-ThinsAs someone who is always mindful of making sure we all get a balanced diet, Nut-Thins help ensure I can feel great about our snack. There are no artificial colors or flavors, they are wheat and gluten-free, and are made with real California Almonds.

That’s something we can all smile and snack about!

Smiling Boys with Nut Thins

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