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5 “TV Free” Summer Toys

Summer Toys

Summer break from school is approaching and I know many of you are probably already looking for ways to entertain the kiddos without it being all movies, all day long. Here are 5 “TV free” summer toys and activities we’ve found that are sure to keep little minds learning and their creative juices flowing. They are all affordable and would make perfect birthday party gifts too!

And as a little backstory, recently I was talking to a friend whose Mom is a third grade science teacher. She expressed that her mom feels like a lot of kids aren’t being introduced to  STEM concepts early enough, especially girls. I find this extremely sad since science, math and physics are often fueled by children’s curiosity. It really made me stop and think. Jake at three-years-old is constantly asking me questions. He wants to know more about planets, rockets and nature. Why things happen and why they don’t. Now instead of giving him a canned answer, I’m really trying to explore options with him or pull out my phone and quickly find the true answer to questions like how fast bees fly. I just purchased the camera below for Jake and can’t wait to take him on photo safaris in our backyard! Hopefully with activities like these we can all make sure the kids we love are learning and exploring all summer long!

1. This Melissa and Doug Suspend game reminds me of a 3D version of pick-up sticks. I love that it can be played alone or as a group and how fun to try and figure out what will balance.
2. A digital camera perfect for young children. This is a great way to engage on a photo safari or scavenger hunt!
3. This telescope is perfect for spending special time outside stargazing with your children. It comes with a great book
4. Did someone say “Squishy Human Body”?! This is a neat way for kids to learn about the human body and comes with a guide book.
5. 4M Magnetic Tile Art is a great way to get creative juices flowing. Why not make them as gifts for friends and family on a rainy day?

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