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A Sweet Bouquet for Teachers

A Sweet Bouquet

As you may know, one of my goals this year is to really work on my gift giving and acknowledging those people that mean a lot to us. I want to not let opportunities to say thank you slip by and to put more meaning behind what I do give. This budget friendly bouquet for teachers is one of those perfect opportunities.

This weekend I had Jake with me at Whole Foods. We stopped to look at the flowers and he was so excited when he saw these bouquets of Iris telling me how pretty they were. I asked him who he would want to give them to and while at first he said, “Daddy!” which made me chuckle, he then settled on his teacher. Having a new brother at home has made him a little more sensitive these days and his preschool teacher has really gone out of her way to make him feel special. A bouquet from Jake might be just the nice surprise she, and any teacher, needs to brighten their day.

A Sweet Bouquet

To create the bouquet, I trimmed the flowers and then wrapped them in a purple ribbon to coordinate. To give it a personal touch, I took a photo of Jake and cut it into a heart and secured it to the ribbon. Jake was so excited to give these and whether it’s just any day or a holiday, I hope by involving him in these small acts of kindness he will really learn to think of and appreciate others.

A Sweet Bouquet

A Sweet Bouquet

Do you have any ways you involve your children in gift giving? I’d love to hear ideas and stories from you all!

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