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25 Free or Low Budget Christmas Activities  

Here are 25 free or low budget Christmas activities so that you don’t blow your budget and have all those major credit card regrets come January. There is no doubt that the holiday season is magical. From carols and cookies to festive twinkle lights it’s a special time of year. I absolutely ... READ the POST

Great Kids Books to Gift

We love giving the gift of reading during the holidays. I mean what could be more special than giving a young reader the chance to explore a new world, build confidence or open their mind to new possibilities? So we've rounded up a list of great kids books to gift for young readers. From toddlers ... READ the POST

How to Make A Baileys Martini

The holidays are still lingering in my house. After a wonderful holiday season with the boys, I'm just not ready to let go of all the twinkly lights and warm glow. It was our first year where both kids were REALLY into it and also each a little more self-sufficient. Having two kids born in December ... READ the POST

DIY Holiday Banner

How do you decorate for the holidays? Do you go all crazy with cute kitchy things in every corner or are you more minimalistic? I tend to go classy Christmas with little touches throughout the house but with kids some of the nicer things are going to have to stay in their bins for a few years. We ... READ the POST

Christmas Mantle Decor, Two Ways

This holiday season I wanted to experiment with different decorating styles. I've always been torn between the traditional Christmas mantle decorations in classic colors like green and red and more of a sleek modern look in shades of silver and white. So, instead of choosing I decided to create ... READ the POST

Kicking off the Holiday Decorating

After the whirlwind of family that hit our house this past weekend, the poor girl is looking a little rough.  And while we had a blast playing games and stuffing ourselves, the reality of laundry and dishes looms large.  Bleh.  So until I get my act together and get organized I can't really get all ... READ the POST

One Glass Jar, Two Easy Holiday Centerpieces

I love entertaining and these easy holiday centerpieces are a perfect way to make the holidays so much easier for me!  With just a few simple adjustments, they go from Thanksgiving to Christmas in no time at all!  In fact, they are versatile enough you could use them or any number of holidays year ... READ the POST