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Dutch Wonderland, Tips and Everything You Need to Know

For anyone looking for a family friendly amusement park in the Northeast, Dutch Wonderland typically comes up in conversation. This is an amusement park that is focused on families with children about 10 and under. It's located near Lancaster, Pennsylvania and is about 2 hours from Washington, DC. ... READ the POST

How to Take Kids Beach Photos

We all want gorgeous photos of our children, and your summer beach vacation is an ideal setting to get those adorable kid beach photos. The sunsets, sand dunes and waves all scream beautiful photos to be had! But its not always realistic to hire a photographer. It can get expensive or hard to ... READ the POST

10 Easy Sensory Bucket Ideas for Toddlers

Max is already 15 months (I know!! Where did that time go?!) and I am constantly looking for easy ways to entertain him. Sensory buckets have become a favorite go-to. They are great for learning how to sort, observe new objects, use their motor skills and more. Here are 10 easy sensory bucket ideas ... READ the POST

Babysitting Made Easy with Chime ($50 Promo Code!)

Nothing is more important to me than my children. I mean does that even need to be said out loud? Their safety and happiness comes first always. So when mama needs a break, wether it be a date night  or time with friends, I am choosy with their childcare. If I'm not confident in who is watching them ... READ the POST

Old Navy Kids and Baby Sale Fall Picks

If I love anything, it's a good sale...And when that sale is happening at one of my favorite shopping haunts, I'm there obviously! I had the chance to visit the St. Johns Town Center Old Navy store in Jacksonville this weekend for the Camp Old Navy Play it Safe Kids and Baby sale event and let me ... READ the POST

How to Cut No Mess Orange Slices

Jake, my three-year-old, is a fruit lover. Not a bad problem to have as a mom, other than making sure we're always stocked with some fresh goods. Oranges has become one of his recent favorite requests and while I love citrus myself (hello Florida girl here!) they can be messy. Not only is peeling an ... READ the POST

Kids Swim Gear Essentials

I am determined this year not to be the mom looking around in June for swimwear and only finding odd sizes and nothing that matches. Have you been there? I certainly have for both myself and for Jake. I had no idea how quickly kids swim gear sells out, leaving you with nothing but odds and ends! And ... READ the POST

How to Make Homemade Playdough

I have a confession to make. If you had told me a year ago that I would be up for making homemade playdough I would have rolled my eyes at you. It just sounds like one of those things that would be overly complicated for little reward. I would think to myself, who has the time to make playdough?! I ... READ the POST

5 Cheap Outdoor Toys to Love

I am all about getting this kid off the couch and outside to enjoy Summer! I want us to savor every warm sunny drop of it and have fun outdoors with friends and family. And at the end of the day my goal is to have him fall sleep with dreams of popsicles and bubbles dancing in his head. We aren't ... READ the POST