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Three Winter Style Staples to Stock Up On STAT

Not to be cute but...WINTER IS COMING! No really, it is. Thanksgiving is next week y'all. Can you believe that? Fall has literally flown by and I can't believe that winter is nearly here. And you won't hear me complaining. Our summers are looooooong here in Florida. They basically last until ... READ the POST

How to Dress Up a Poncho

If you've been around these parts before you know that I'm quite the poncho fanatic. I wore them non-stop last year and they've made plenty of appearances this fall too. It's not officially winter yet, but being that December 21st, the official day of winter, is right around the corner, it's safe to ... READ the POST

Lightweight Ponchos for Spring

Remember how I said that ponchos are the perfect season to season transitional piece? I stand behind that, but there will come a time this spring when it's too darn hot to wear the ponchos you rocked in the fall and wanter...And that's where lightweight ponchos come into play. I like to have have ... READ the POST