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Three Winter Style Staples to Stock Up On STAT

Not to be cute but...WINTER IS COMING! No really, it is. Thanksgiving is next week y'all. Can you believe that? Fall has literally flown by and I can't believe that winter is nearly here. And you won't hear me complaining. Our summers are looooooong here in Florida. They basically last until ... READ the POST

Three Ways to Wear a Cape

I got my first cape when I was but four years old. I can still remember it. White...faux fur...perfection. I instantly fell in love and my affinity for capes never quite went away. I'm, ahem, a few years down the road from being four now, but that little girl in me still gets excited when I slip one ... READ the POST

How to Style a Poncho

If you've visited our site in the fall and winter months the past few years, you know that there is one enduring piece that I can't seem to quit. No, I'm not talking about moccasins, although those apply too, bwah! I'm talking about ponchos. I have been building up quite a poncho collection and ... READ the POST

Lightweight Poncho for Spring

Spring is here! Ok not really. But since the entire east coast has been experiencing warm temperatures it feels like spring. The trees are confused and budding, and several winter layers have been shed. If you live somewhere with winter weather, than you know that once the parka goes off it is SOOOO ... READ the POST

Styling A Fringed Blanket Cape

Who's ready to keep warm and still look adorbs?! This fringed blanket cape is a great way to stay warm when temps get chilly and I love a blanket cape like this for so many reasons. In both the fall and spring in Maryland, they are great for casual weekend wear that has a chic boho vibe. We've also ... READ the POST

How to Dress Up a Poncho

If you've been around these parts before you know that I'm quite the poncho fanatic. I wore them non-stop last year and they've made plenty of appearances this fall too. It's not officially winter yet, but being that December 21st, the official day of winter, is right around the corner, it's safe to ... READ the POST

How to Wear Black Booties

Welcome to the the second day of our Moms Do Fall Fashion series! Each day we're teaming up with a fabulous style blogger to bring you fun fall outfit ideas. Today our partner is Ellen from That Chic Mom so make sure you head over to her site to see what she styled! As for us, we're going to talk ... READ the POST

Fall Fashion Preview

Last year we worked on a series called Moms Do Fall Fashion. Each day we shared one of our favorite fall trends. It was such a hit, we'll be bringing it back this year. We're all about showing you how to seamlessly work style into your every day look after all. And there's no time that's more fun ... READ the POST

Is the Poncho Trend Still Relevant?

One of fall's biggest trends last year was undoubtedly the poncho trend. You may have noticed that I embraced the poncho trend and then some. It pretty much became my signature look all fall and winter long. If you're a fan of easy breezy style like moi, I'm sure you loved ponchos as much as I did. ... READ the POST

Lightweight Ponchos for Spring

Remember how I said that ponchos are the perfect season to season transitional piece? I stand behind that, but there will come a time this spring when it's too darn hot to wear the ponchos you rocked in the fall and wanter...And that's where lightweight ponchos come into play. I like to have have ... READ the POST