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Get Your Soup On

loaded baked potato soup

I'm all about the fall soup recipes. We have our first really crisp week of sunny sixty degree weather and it is adding a spring to my step. Ok that and having Columbus Day off kind of helped with the whole springing about thing. It seems kind of silly to have Columbus Day off as a holiday but it came at a good time. I've been parenting solo a lot lately while Floyd has been on the road for work, so I needed a day. Just a day to kind of relax, work on food stuff,...

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Beef Bourguignon, One Pot French Dinner

Beef Bourguignon

As love month winds down, I thought an easy one pot meal with a little special touch should be in order. Simple but special - the perfect combination. And, my ideal go to gal for that find is, of course, the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten. Her recipes are always spot on and rarely need tweaking. Nice, when you are wanting something special but hassle free. This week I found her beautiful Beef Bourguignon recipe and happily decided it would fit the bill and then some for my winter one pot go to adding an air of...

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Three Winter Meal Ideas

There is something about winter that makes me want to squirrel up inside my home and snuggle with my little family. So, we don't tend to eat out as much in the cold weather months. To be fair, my hubs does a lot of the cooking because he likes and he's darn good at it. But I try to fit my share of meal prep in to. Thankfully I have a bestie and mama who are very creative in the kitchen, so I have a wealth of ideas that they've shared to draw from. And...

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