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Get Your Soup On

I’m all about the fall soup recipes. We have our first really crisp week of sunny sixty degree weather and it is adding a spring to my step. Ok that and having Columbus Day off kind of helped with the whole springing about thing. It seems kind of silly to have Columbus Day off as a holiday but it came at a good time. I’ve been parenting solo a lot lately while Floyd has been on the road for work, so I needed a day. Just a day to kind of relax, work on food stuff, and start the seasonal closet clean out for the kids. These types of homey fall days just call for a pot of soup, don’t you think? I’m just making progress with the kids on eating soups so now is a great time to try some new recipes for them too. Here are three of my favorite tried and true fall soup recipes.

Fall Soup Recipes

1. Roasted Cauliflower Soup
Rich and flavorful, this roasted cauliflower soup recipe is a great way to get in veggies and introduce cauliflower to your family.
roasted cauliflower soup

2. Loaded Baked Potato Soup
I’ve always loved baked potato soup. It is so comforting. Nothing beats making a little toppings bar and having everyone dress up their own bowl if soup. It’s like accessorizing your dinner, ha!

loaded baked potato soup

3. Beef Bourguignon
So technically this isn’t a fall soup recipe. Rather its a hearty one dish meal. But with its rich broth and warm cozy vibe, I think this can easily still fit in with the others for fall meals. I only tend to make beed bourguignon once or twice a year. When I do, this is my go-to recipe and it never disappoints.

Beef Bourguignon

If you love making a big pot of soup, I’d love for you to send me your favorite fall soup recipes. I’ll be sure to make and share any good ones that get sent my way!

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