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Five Healthy Recipes for the New Year

Yesterday we talked about how to get more from your day with our best time management tips for moms…Well, today we’re going to continue on with that starting the new year off on the right foot trend and talk about meal planning and healthy recipes. We’ve found that it’s a whole lot easier to eat healthy when you go in with a plan. So, having some light meals already calendared makes your grocery shopping a breeze and ensures that you have healthy options on hand!

I think we can all agree that we’re ready to set aside the holiday splurges and eat a little lighter…Am I right?

So, I thought I would round up some of our favorite healthy recipes to help you kick off your clean eating lifestyle!

Healthy Recipes to Try Now

Easy Oven Fried Chicken…We’re from Florida, which is basically the south. Bwah! So, we LOVE our fried chicken. That being said, it isn’t exactly light. Our baked “fried” chicken is a healthier option and the kids love it too! We all know that having a go-to meal that the ENTIRE family digs is a major win for any parent!

energy balls

No-Bake Peanut Butter Jelly Oatmeal Balls…What is the one thing us busy mamas REALLY appreciate? Convenience! That being said, those convenient processed foods have a whole lot of extra things we don’t need in them, so when we can we like to make our own energy balls. Make a batch to have on hand for when the kiddos, or mama, needs a pick me up!

Banana Yogurt Pops…Sure, it’s freezing outside, but if your kids are anything like mine they still want ice cream and they still don’t want to eat breakfast. These healthy yogurt pops are a great alternative to cereal, the only thing they will currently consider. And they make for a great on the go meal for us ‘rents too. Hey, school is about to start back up and you know what that means…We’re going to be busy busy BUSY!

Roasted Cauliflower Soup…And on the opposite side of the spectrum we have soup. Nothing tastes better on a chilly winter evening than a steaming hot bowl of soup. Unfortunately, sometimes the heartiest soups can be pretty heavy. This soup, on the other hand, is filling, yet light AND meat free. Score! We try to eat at least a few meat free meals a week. We just feel better when we do!

quick and easy salmon salad

Quick and Easy Salmon Salad…Quick and easy, music to a harried mom’s ears! Who’s with me? This fast and simple meal can be on the table in fifteen minutes. And while it is easy, you certainly don’t have to sacrifice the flavor. In fact, I often turn to this recipe when I’m beat, but want to make something special for the hubs. He’s a big fan. Hello date night in!

Eat Lighter, Feel Better

Well, there you have it. Five healthy recipes to help you kick off 2018! And if you try any of our healthy recipes, we want to hear about it! We promise you won’t be disappointed. We’re all in this crazy thing called life together. Here’s to a healthier year ahead!

And just in case you need a new gadget to inspire you to get in the kitchen…We can’t get enough of this immersion blender! With it, you’ll be a soup master in no time. Just sayin’.

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