The Perfect Red Lip

the perfect red lip

The Perfect Red Lip

I  know some of you may be intimidated by a bold red lip, but rockin’ the perfect red lip is easier than you think…. A red lip is simple, elegant, and forever in fashion! Red lips can really make your outfit stand out and that’s why red lipstick is a classic that every girl should have in her makeup bag. So, now that you know why I think you need to try red lips out for yourself, let’s talk about just how you get the perfect red lip!

You’ll need: a lip brush , your favorite shade of red lipstick, foundation, a mirror and a matching lip liner

1) First, start by applying a small amount of foundation on the lips to ensure staying power and less bleeding. Nothing ruins the perfect red lip like messy lipstick.
2) Next, carefully apply your favorite shade of red with a lip brush. Not only will you have a more precise and controlled application, but it gives a much more polished look rather than applying from tube.
4) Make sure that you wipe the inner corners of the mouth and remove any excess color that has accumulated there. Also, check for lipstick that’s lingering on your teeth because, let’s face it, that’s never a good look either!
5) Then apply lip liner on your lip line.
6) If you decide to rock a matte red lip, stop here…But, if you prefer the glossy look, apply just a small amount of gloss on the bottom and top away from the lip line with the brush (you don’t want to over do it because too much gloss guarantees that your lipstick will bleed).
7) And don’t forget to pack your lipstick, lip brush, liner, and a small mirror in your purse for touch ups!
8) Finally…SMILE with confidence! You just created the perfect red lip!

Photo courtesy of Courtney Fries.

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