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Tips for Grilling Pizza

Grilled Pizza

I think I can officially say that pizza is my favorite food. I love it in all its glorious shapes and sizes and it definitely passes the, “If I were stranded on a desert island and had to pick only one food” test. So, after seeing several grilled pizza recipes and pins come through my feed I thought it was high time I try to grill my favorite food at home. 

I read through a few different recipes and techniques and decided on this one from the kitchn. I even went all out and made the dough they recommended. It was quite tasty even at my first go! You can find the recipe I used here, but before you do here are a few tips I learned from grilling pizza.

1. Make the dough a day ahead. The pizza dough was very easy to make. However, even though there was an option for then making the pizza within an hour or so, I found that the dough was really best refrigerated and then used within 24-48 hours.

Pizza dough
2. Spread your pizza dough thin. It took me a few tries to get this right and I look forward to perfecting it even more this summer, but I was tentative with my dough. I was afraid to make it to thin and have it burn too fast, but the reality was it puffed up pretty quickly and was a little doughier than I would have liked. For me thinner is better. Also, I wasn’t too worried about the shape. Perfect circles are overrated, ha!

Pizza Topping Station
3. Get yourself organized. While the grill is heating up, use that 10 or so minutes to make a station next to the grill with a bowl of sauce with a ladle, olive oil with a brush, cheese and toppings. This technique has you cooking one side of the pizza, flipping and then immediately dressing the top while its cooking another 5 min or so. That means you have to be fast and being organized helps tremendously!

Pizza Topping Station
4. Take it slow. My first attempt had me heating up the entire grill surface and grilling four at a time. They cooked so fast that I had trouble keeping up and a few got scorched. Taking it two at a time would have not only allowed me to keep-up but also get a good sense of when they were done and ready to flip, dress, and eat!

Pizza on the grill
5. Have fun with it! Why not throw a pizza party poolside? Its a great alternative to classic grill food and still quite the crowd pleaser. Yum!

Grilled Pizza

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