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Valentine’s Day Candy Bar

Valentine's Day Candy Display

Just about everyone loves a fun candy and sweets spread , and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Since I’m trying to get back into the fitness game, this small display, which serves as our mini Valentine’s Day candy bar, is just enough to let the boys in my house get excited and enjoy some treats, without pushing me too far in the wrong direction.

Setting up an area like this is remarkably easy. I used a small chalkboard that I had on hand, but a picture frame or marker board would also do. Using clear vases, I filled a few of them with our favorite treats and tied each one off with some fun Valentine’s Day themed, pink and red lips adorned ribbon.

As you can see below, Jake loved walking in from his gymnastics class and stumbling upon these sweets. I’d say both he and Dad give our Valentine’s Day candy bar two thumbs up!

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Valentine's Day Candy Display

Valentine's Day Candy Display

Valentine's Day Candy Display


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