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1 Piece, 3 Ways: Floral Prints

1 piece styled 3 ways

It’s that time of the week again. It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for our style challenge collaboration with the lovely Ellen from That Chic Mom and Andrea from Momma in Flip Flops! This week we’re focusing on floral prints. I love floral prints…There is something so feminine and flirty about them…That being said, I like to wear them in small doses. A little goes a long way and I found the perfect floral piece at Target this week…What CAN’T you find at Target? Just sayin’.

floral prints



I happened to spot a stack of super soft tees on one of my multi-weekly shopping trips to one of my very favorite placees, haha! And I was instantly transported back to my youth with this MTV floral tee…I WANT MY MTV…Ahhhhhhhh, memories! I love how fun and springy this tee is and it goes perfectly with my beloved boyfriend jeans and slip on sneakers that I also picked up at…wait for it…Target! I have found so many everyday kinda pieces at Target. Their tees are the best and I love that they have fun ones like this MTV number versus the countless number of plain v-necks that I’ve scored there.

Now that you’ve seen how I’m rockin’ florals right now, head on over to Ellen’s and Andrea’s sites to see what their take on the trend is!


  1. Rachel says

    You crack me up with your MTV teeshirt! I am loving florals this spring, which is weird because I never have before! I think the prints this year are just a lot better, I am ready to rock some floral print pants or shorts!

  2. Kirsten says

    I love the MTV t-shirt, but I really dig the shoes. Super cute! Not usually a flower type of gal, but I will keep an eye out for them this spring. Looks like they will be popular!

  3. Shelly says

    I always love a good flora, but even more so, a good comfy tee! If only MTV would actually be music television again. Oh, the memories of rushing home from school to watch TRL with my then man crush Carson Daly haha.

  4. Rosey says

    I was trying to think of where I heard that slogan. Then I remembered an album my mom had back in the day (Dire Straits), I think they said that… 🙂 I liked MTV once upon a time too.

  5. Julie says

    I am drawn to florals as well. And I’m loving that MTV shirt! Oh, the days of watching The Real World and Total Request Live (among others).

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