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5 Easy Newborn Photography Tips

Newborn Photography Tips

Taking your own newborn photos can be daunting. I mean, you’re tired, sometimes stressed and are totally intimidated having looked at all the gorgeous photos on Pinterest. Well stress no more mama! After successfully taking our own newborn photos we have some great newborn photography tips to make your session a breeze.

Take photos between 7-10 days after birth. There are some good solid reasons why newborn photographers want to take advantage of this time period. Your baby is typically still in the stage where they are sleeping almost around the clock. This allows them to be gently moved into those adorable scrunchy positions we all see and coo at. Also, baby acne tends to set in around the two week mark. Trust me, photo editing is a lot easier without baby acne to deal with.

Use a space heater nearby. Keeping the area where you are photographing extra warm means that your little one will sleep more contently and be warm during any diaper shots or outfit changes.

Pillows, poufs and blankets are your new best friends. Poufs and pillows are great tools for propping up your little one on a safe secure surface. We used an old pouf for several shots and just covered it with a cozy blanket. You could even get a yard or two of your favorite fabric and drape that over the pouf to bring in a fun pattern. Don’t be afraid to grab things from around the house to use like old quilts, baskets or chalkboards. Personal items can really add character!

Include yourself in a photo with your baby. Ok, so this is just my personal thought. When my first was born I had to have an emergency c-section. A week later I was less than prepared mentally and physically to be in any of our professional newborn photos. Looking back I really regret not having an image to capture that special bond early on. This time around I knew I wanted a few photos with our little man. Forget being swimsuit ready, just something basic like a black sweater and some concealer are all that’s needed. Sure enough, those pictures where I am holding my sweet newborn are some of my favorites and I’m so thankful to have them.

Utilize natural light when possible. You just can’t beat the look of great natural light. Before selecting your location, look around to find the space that has the best light coming in. And remember that often varies throughout the day. (Bonus tip: cloudy days tend to work better than bright sunny ones.)

newborn natural light

Those are my newborn photography tips. I’d love to hear if you have any others to add to the list. What photos mean the most to you from your newborn shoot?


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