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Food Hack: Boosted Blondie Mix

Blondie Bar Mix

If you love to bake, nothing tastes quite as delicious as the love and sweetness that goes into homemade treats. But sometimes we are just too busy to spend the evening in front of the oven, yet still want to show we care and take something for a friend’s birthday or the picnic and so on. Well I’ve recently discovered several box mixes that taste amazing and with a little tweaking can take them from a good box mix to a great semi-homemade taste. Save yourself a few hours, catch up on your favorite shows (So help me, I will get to Season 3 of House of Cards before this summer ends!!) and bite into some gooey goodness!

Blondies Stacked High

First, I’m all about starting off with a great quality box mix. I love most of what Williams-Sonoma offers and Trader Joe’s has recently become a favorite of mine. I have a few to show you in the coming weeks but today I’m all about this blondie mix. Blondie bars are tasty enough as is. I mean who doesn’t love the combination of a chocolate chip cookie in the form of a brownie. Um hellooo…..yeah I’m guessing you can all hear your stomaches growling just at the thought.

Stacked Blondies

I wanted to take the boxed blondies to the next level. So I grabbed a box of the Trader Joe’s English Toffee to add to the mix. I placed a few large pieces of the toffee in a ziplock bag and used a cooking mallet to break it up into small pieces. I then stirred it into the wet mix and then baked according to the box directions. They came out great! Just so delicious with a little unexpected surprise. You could so this with all sorts of candy or added ingredients that you like, and the toffee definitely works well with the blondie bar taste.

Stacked Blondie Bars


That’s my first food hack for you lovelies. The next time you’re short on time, just walk down the baking aisle and grab a good blondie mix and give them a boost! Your friends will never know!

Blondies From Above

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