My Favorite Summer Drink: Iced Tea

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There is little else that I find more refreshing in the summertime than a nice glass of iced tea! If I’m not drinking water, you’ll usually find me with iced tea in hand. So, I was thrilled to learn about Inko’s Organic White Tea! I love sampling new types of tea and Inko’s has a wide variety of delicious flavors. And each bottle is only 50 total calories! That’s one of the things I love about tea so much. The fact that it can be a guilt free indulgence…You can sip on the sinfully delicious blueberry tea, for instance, that’s bursting with fruity flavor and you don’t have to worry about a ton of sugary calories derailing your healthy lifestyle. Did you know that white tea is the least processed and is loaded with antioxidents? It’s the perfect drink to turn to when you’re on a mission to be as healthy as possible, which this girl is!


I also love how portable the little bottles are. One of my favorite summer activities is going for a walk on the beach in the late afternoon / early evening. We load the kids up in the family truckster, pack some drinks and snacks and simply enjoy spending time together. Inko’s Organic White Tea is perfect for those trips of ours. As you can see, I enjoyed a nice cold glass the last time we hit the sand! In fact, I had a few different flavors on hand. I love the original flavor as much as I do the fruit infused ones!


So, are you ready to try Inko’s Organic White Tea out for yourself? You can go look for it at a local retailer like Whole Foods, Rite Aid or Wegman’s…OR you could enter our fabulous giveaway! We’re giving away a case of Inko’s to one lucky winner! The winner will get to choose from Original, Unsweetened Original, Hint O’ Mint, Blueberry, White Peach, Honey-Lemon, Strawberry or Honeydew.


So, what will you be sipping this summer lovelies? Why not give oh so refreshing Inko’s Organic White Tea a whirl?!?

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  1. I tried Inko’s a few years back and never tasted another tea like it. It had a fine after taste that was clean and refreshing. I thought it might have been the glass jars, but I found it once in a large jug at Whole Foods and it was just as fantastic. But they haven’t carried it for a while now. It’s worth paying a little extra for the quality and knowing it’s organic. Inko’s is truly my favorite and recommend it when the topic of Tea comes up with friends and family. Thank you for getting me hooked on such an awesome beverage ! I’d really like to win too (:

  2. Great giveaway and fantastic photos. I never liked any kind of tea as a kid, but there’s something about iced tea in the summer.

  3. Inko’s is so amazing! I am a huge fan of the Blueberry and haven’t seen Strawberry in stores, so I’d love to try that!

  4. I’m a huge fan of making and drinking tea. There’s something calming about brewing it. However, waiting for it to cool down for a summer drink – agony. These look so tasty and it’s organic! A must try 🙂

  5. I would love to try Inko’s Organic Honeysuckle White Tea.. I have never heard of a tea with this flavor. I bet it smells wonderful too.

  6. The Strawberry white tea seems like a refreshing choice! I bet that would be perfect chilled on ice for a hot summer day!

  7. I definitely want to try strawberry first, I am a big tea drinker and I like how white tea isn’t a strong tea and takes on flavors well and strawberry is usually my favorite flavor for just about anything!

  8. I would love to try the White Peach flavor though my boyfriend would probably be more interested in the Honeydew flavor.

  9. I love iced tea & drink it all summer! Love all kinds, and would most likely LOVE their blueberry…my favorite flavor!

  10. My mother, with a deadly blood disorder comes from the Bavaria region of Europe. Blue berries are a huge part of her culture. I would love to try the blue berry flavor, share a glass with her, to remind her of her homeland.

  11. I find myself intrigued by the Honeydew flavor, so I’d try that one.
    It also makes me want to make a Honeydew cocktail right this very minute.

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