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Cozy Red Sweatshirt

Who doesn’t love to feel cozy? I know I do! Especially when the weather went from super hot to chilly overnight. I hope the same didn’t happen to you! If it did, it’s time to gear up for some cool days ahead and this cozy red sweatshirt is the perfect addition to my closet.

Cozy Red Sweatshirt

I received this cozy red sweatshirt in a Stitch Fix box last month. In fact it was the one thing that our Instagram feed agreed on. Keep that sweatshirt! It’s a little on the baggy side but is perfect for running around town and working from home. I mean if I’m going to be sitting at my computer, I might as well be all snuggled up right?

When styling a looser fitting top, I often like to then wear something more form fitting on the bottom. It seems to help everything balance out. These jeans, which you’ve seen me wear often on here, are the skinny black denim from H&M. I swear by them. I’ve spent SOOOO much more on black jeans that fade fast. These have held their dark black color for over a year and still fit great. What a bargain! (See link below to shop).

Cozy Red Sweatshirt

Cozy Red Sweatshirt

Cozy Red Sweatshirt and Black Jeans

Of course no fall coffee run is complete without a great pair of booties. These Lucky booties are on their third fall season  and are still in great shape. I love adding the new cozy red sweatshirt into a mix that I’ve had for a while. It doesn’t need to be all new all the time. Mix up what you have and make it work for the season!

Overall this look is easy and feels pulled together for when I run into any of my fellow friends while running errands. Even better when I get home I can slip off the booties and get comfy in no time!

Black Booties

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