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Our Favorite 2018 Summer Beach Reads

Since I’ve recently been making more of an effort to find time to read, I wanted to share our favorite 2018 summer beach reads. Reading is something that I truly LOVE to do! When I was younger I would tear through books faster than my library card would let me. Sure now I’m facing lots of distractions with family and work, but taking time to do what I love is important. I’ve been turning off the TV and diving in to good books more lately and it’s been great! Taking time to nurture myself and spark my creativity is what reading is all about.

Favorite 2018 Summer Beach Reads

This favorite 2018 summer beach reads list has something for everyone. Whether you like romance, thriller or autobiographies we’ve rounded up nine great books that are perfect for your beach bag! I’ve personally read several of the books on this list and are making my way through all nine. Watch out world. I’ve got big goals people! Below are Amazon links to each but your library would love a visit too (don’t tell anyone but it’s free!).
Favorite 2018 Summer Beach Reads

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Favorite 2018 Summer Beach Reads

So here’s toasting to great reads, good wine and lazy days of summer!


  1. K. Elizabeth says

    I’ve so many good things about The Lemonade Year. I can’t wait to get to it. Also, I’m trying up the Crazy Rich Asians series before the movie comes out.

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