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3 Ways Women Can Reverse the Effects of Stress

Let’s talk about 3 ways women can reverse the effects of stress shall we? We’ve already shared our stress relief bath salts, which you should check out if you haven’t already, but what else? I know I could certainly use some strategies to better manage my stress. Hey, we’re busy moms. Stress simply comes with the territory. And some days as a woman and mom are particularly challenging with all the stressors, struggles, and deadlines we’re faced with. That being said, it is important that your main priority is taking care of your body. So, we’re thrilled to be able to share 3 ways women can reverse the effects of stress and excess exhaustion in an achievable and satisfying way!

Reverse the Effects of Stress

1. Take charge!

Stress is caused by lack of control. Take charge! You control your outcome and simple steps can reverse whatever damage has been done. Do something for yourself! It will make you a better mother, business owner, and give you the opportunity to think of things with a fresh outlook. Plus, we all feel less stressed when we do things that are good for us. No one EVER OVER consumes things and thinks, wow I’m so glad I drank so much, ate too much, or stressed so much about that. Sometimes family and friends can be good for perspective and ease stress, sometimes not. We study our children and our businesses, but we need to learn about ourselves to make necessary changes for us as well. Put on your oxygen mask and THEN assist others. We are naturally programmed to make ourselves last. Choose you.


Make Better Choices

2. The dreaded diet…

You can reverse the effects of stress by changing your diet. Making healthier food choices is number one. This isn’t the easiest thing to do when times are tough. The benefits are food will help you have more energy and make better choices. It’s easy when your life gets overwhelming to eat things like sugar because you don’t want to stop what you’re doing and sit down and eat. Sugar in high stress times gives the body permission to store it as fat. Better food choices help us think more clearly and better use the time and energy we have left.


3. The E word…

Exercise ladies…and I’m talking about real exercise. Any activity or form of movement is good, but real exercise challenges the body, mind, and teaches us discipline. It can reverse years of bad choices. It WILL improve mood, energy, and longevity. This combined with good diet choices will make a big difference in how you feel. Little changes at a time produce big improvements over time. Baby steps in the right direction will make you feel less stressed and exhausted, and more in control of your outcome. Make a plan and seek guidance if you need help with your plan. We hear these stories daily at Superslow Zone Hyde Park, and it’s not your fault. The market is designed to make us think everything is instant. Good things are earned not given. Be patient and you will be rewarded!

More Stress Relief Options

Life can really be overwhelming sometimes for women who have families, deadlines, priorities and multiple personal goals on their plates. What should come first, them or us? Managing it all can be a real juggling act, but if you try these ways to reduce the effects of stress, you just might find the balance you’re looking for. Here’s to a good lifestyle and the health and wellness that follows!

Who’s ready to make some healthy choices? Add aromatherapy to the mix and you’ll have the ultimate recipe for ways to reverse the effects of stress! And speaking of healthy choices, check out our cucumber fruit sandwiches if you’re in need of a healthy snack idea!


Brandi Cappetta is a health and wellness expert from Hyde Park, Florida. With a background and education in science and sports fitness, she found SuperSlow Zone as part of her mission to help women in her community fight age-related disease through strength training, fitness, and wellness education.

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