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How to Paint Your House Yourself

A little over eight years ago the hubs and I moved into our first home. Our cozy little space has seen two babies come into the world and countless special memories, but it’s time for our family to move on which means it’s also time to get our house ready to sell. You know all those little projects that you put off over the years? Well, when it comes time to list your home, you need to make sure it’s move in ready for the next owners. So, while I love the sweet doodles my lil’ dude graced our living room walls with, I figured potential buyers might not feel the same so we had to paint over it.

house before painting

Along that same vein, we decided to refresh the outside of our house with a new paint job too.  And…wait for it…we had the brilliant idea to do the job ourselves. I know, I know…What we were thinking? Haha! Now I’m not going to say it was exactly easy, but painting your house yourself is totally doable if you’re ok with putting in some elbow grease to save money. So, let’s get into the nitty gritty details of how to paint your house yourself.

1. The first step is to pressure wash your house or hire someone to do it like we did. You don’t want to be painting over the dirt that builds up on the exterior through the years.

2. Next you want to patch / mud over any minor imperfections. If it’s been a while since your house was last painted, you’ve probably got a paint chipping situation going on and you want a smooth surface to paint over.

3. Then it’s time to paint, but first check the weather. We had to delay our painting several times due to rain. How heartbreaking would it be to see rain wash away all those hours of hard work?

sherwin williams infinity

4. When you’ve determined that the weather will be clear, go ahead and select your paint. We teamed up with Lowe’s and used Sherwin Williams Infinity Paint. I wanted neutral colors that would appeal to most people, but decided to have a little fun with the door. A front door that pops is the first thing I notice when I’m looking at a home. So, we went with Agreeable Grey (exterior), Alabaster (trim) and Above the Waves (door).


5. We started with the larger areas of our home so we would know which spaces we couldn’t get our regular paint roller into and which spaces required more detailed edging which we then went on to. Now Sherwin Williams Infinity is a paint and primer in one so, if you use that, you may not need to take the extra priming step, but if you’re covering up a super dark color or you just don’t want to take a chance, go ahead and use a primer first.

blue front door

6. Once we were done with the edging, we tackled the trim with a roller, then finished off a few spots with the edging brush. I like to save the simplest jobs for last. Go ahead and get the big stuff over with, so when you’re really beat that last job won’t seem so hard.

house painting after

front door

So, there you have it. The hubs and I painted our house together, as well as put in some new landscaping, and our marriage survived. Bwah! Make sure you head over to Lowe’s for all you painting needs. Not only are the color selection and quality of Sherwin Williams Infinity Paint incredible, but you’ll find the customer service at Lowe’s can’t be beat! Are you ready to paint your house yourself too?! What are you waiting for?

Disclosure: We were not paid for this post. We did receive samples.


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