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Five Reasons I Can’t Quit Coffee


I am shamelessly addicted to coffee…and here’s why I will never ever ever break up with it.

1. I don’t want to…Plain and simple. I could just stop there. Haha!

2. I live for that first steamin’ sip of liquid gold…every…single…morning. There is nothing like it.

3. I’m more storm clouds and brussel sprouts than sunshine and macarons if I have to face the day sans coffee. (Forgive me if you love brussel sprouts…I loathe them .)

4. I enjoy sampling different types of beans, tip of the hat to Single Origin, like a wine enthusiast loves their vintages. (I actually research the coffee that’s served where I’m vacationing. #addicted)

5. One word…Starbucks. I can’t get enough. Whether we’re talking about my favorite holiday concoctions (hello PSL and peppermint mocha) a frosty frappuccino, a frothy cappuccino or even just a plain old cuppa Joe…I live for the ‘bucks! Just take a look at our Instagram…You’ll see years worth of Starbucks adoration!

So, are you as in love with java as I am lovelies? Tell me why you can’t quit coffee!

Disclosure: We were provided with samples, but the opinions expressed are our own.


  1. Lissa says

    I live in Utah, and the Mormons here are very much against drinking coffee. I’ve been a coffee drinker. It wakes me up. I use it before going to work, to stay awake during college classes, and just for comfort/stimulation. When things are not going my way, I fix a cup of coffee and everything feels better. So I tried to go off coffee for three months. Instead of coffee, I drank a cup of hot cocoa in the morning. I was wiped out. I fell asleep during classes. I started to gain weight because of all the calories in hot cocoa. I was a mess. I don’t care what religious leaders say, you just cannot substitute coffee.

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