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Food Hack: Blueberry Scone Mix

Blueberry Scone Mix

You guys know that I love to be in the kitchen. However, lately life has been so full of other priorities that I’ve had to come up with some shortcuts. I still want fun fresh food but sometimes I need to save some time for the family too. That’s why I’m ALL about my food hacks right now, like this boosted blondie bar hack I shared recently. A good mix can go a long way and they are good to have on hand in the pantry. We get a lot of company so it helps ease the pressure of having to feed even more folks. Today’s food hack is using one of my favorites, the Trader Joe’s Mixed Berry Scone Mix. So easy and so delicious! 
Blueberry Scone Box Mix

I literally just follow the instructions on the box. Once mixed (being careful not to over mix. You don’t want runny or rubbery scones!) I add a cup or so of fresh blueberries. Whatever I have on hand and left over. I find the taste of the fresh berries really adds to the taste and texture. Who doesn’t love a blueberry scone mix with juicy plump berries?! Blueberry Scone Stack

The best part is that by just adding in the blueberries, I feel like I have a great home made taste and a lot less stress. Also, it takes way fewer dishes so the clean-up is minimal. Leaving much more time to linger of a scone and coffee with my family.  After all, this is the main time of day that family bonding occurs. Kids are in their jammies running around and playing while the grown-ups just relax and leisurely plan the day. Sounds like a win to me!Stacked Scones


So that’s my blueberry scone mix food hack. Do you guys add anything extra to a favorite box mix? What time savers are your favorite?


  1. Christina Wong says

    I made them tonight and added some blackberries that I had to use up. I’m not a fan of glazes (my Asian mom doesn’t like sweet stuff) so I sprinkled a pinch of lemon zest and sugar on top, it was divine!!

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