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Hot Holiday Gift for Tweens: Hollywood Hair Extension Maker

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pink and purple hollywood hair extension maker on gray coffee table next to silver candle holder in front of gray couch with yellow and turquoise pillows

Will you be shopping for a tween soon? Read on to see our favorite new hot holiday gift for teens, the Hollywood Hair Extension Maker. We’ll show you exactly how it works and why your tween will love that they can design and create customized hair extensions!

If there was ever a Christmas we want to come through for our kids, it’s this one right? 2020 has been tough on everyone, especially our kiddos. All I want to do is try to make the holiday season as magical as possible and that means identifying some hot new holiday gift ideas for my tweens!

And I think I’ve come across a real winner in the Cool Maker’s NEW Hollywood Hair Extension Maker. But first, let me give you a little background on why this is such a perfect gift for my little lady in particular.

My girl has been trying to grow out her hair for as long as I can remember. She was one of those sweet little bald babies who didn’t really get any real hair until she was three. And ever since then it’s been slow going.

little girl looking at instruction booklet while sitting at brown wooden table with pink and purple hair extension kit supplies

little girl in black leotard and black skirt in ballet pose

DIY Hair Extension Maker

But it’s really gotten thicker and longer this past year. It only took 8 years or so. Bwah! And it was perfect timing because she’s our tiny dancer and needs to have her hair in a bun regularly now that she’s been accepted to her dance school’s classical ballet school.

That being said, her hair still isn’t quite as long as she would like so she loves playing with extensions. We’ve bought her several clip in extensions, but none as cool as the super cool tween toy I’m about to show you…

The Hollywood Hair Extension Maker allows you to transform your look, well it allows kids to transform their looks. But who am I kidding, I work from home. I just may throw a rainbow hair extension in my hair for fun too. Haha!

With this super cool DIY studio, your kids can create and customize their very own hair extensions. I don’t know about your kiddo, but mine has yet to say no to DIY anything. Haha! She’s a craftaholic!

Seriously, this extension maker is so awesome! It comes with everything you need to make 12 stylish hair extensions! And with the included markers you can customize your magic ribbon extensions with your own designs!

Then all you have to do is load your magic ribbon into the machine, push the button, and watch as the ribbon magically transforms into a cute hair extension that you can add to your look right away!

Or you can style it by wrapping it around the curler and spritzing it with the spray bottle. My daughter wanted a crimped look so we didn’t leave it in as long as the directions stated. We ended up with a slight wavy 80s inspired style and she loves it!

little girl in white floral dress coloring on purple hair extension

little girl in a white floral dress using pink extension maker at wooden table

blue and purple hair extension coming out of pink extension maker

curling a purple hair extension over wood table with instruction booklet and green bowl filled with pink, purple and turquoise hair extensions

little girl in white floral dress wearing turquoise and purple hair extensions holding pink plush rabbit

little girl in white floral dress with purple and turquoise hair extensions

Where to Buy this Must Have Holiday Toy for Tweens

So, are you ready to run out and get a head start on your holiday shopping or what? You can pick up the Hollywood Hair Extension Maker at Target, Walmart or Amazon!

And for more ways to make the holidays magical, check out my ideas below!

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