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How I’m Working to Reduce Toxins At Home

Until recently, whenever I heard about another friend “going green” I would kind of tune out. And then a shift started to happen. I started really noticing how many chemicals I was interacting with daily. And not just me, but my children too. And I began to do research, listen to those “gone green” friends, and pay attention at home. I’m now actively working on how to reduce toxins at home and wanted to share with you my experience with Pure Haven.

How To Reduce Toxins At Home

First let me say that our bodies are amazing. They already do a great job at filtering out many toxins we interact with daily. But it seems that we humans are using more and more chemicals daily and it can really overload our systems. From beauty products, to cleaning, pesticides and more they are everywhere. And sure some chemicals can be really useful. But are they ALL really necessary? I decided to dip my toe in the water when my friend Kelly reached out. She sells Pure Haven, which is a line of toxin free household and personal care products. She was so enthusiastic that I agreed to give some of them a try. I focused on household laundry and cleaning products, along with a select few of personal care. Like I said, this is a new journey and I’m just getting started.

Toxin Free Laundry

The first place I decided to take a hard look at was laundry. I started thinking about my little guy Max. He suffers from eczema which can get pretty bad. And unfortunately there is no easy medicine. Just cortisone creams and steroids that can have lasting side effects. I’m grateful for these creams when its gets really bad. But what about all the mild flare-ups in between? Making sure that the fabric that touches his body all day long isn’t irritating his skin is important to me. Plus taking on this one corner of my house didn’t feel overwhelming. This would be a relatively easy change with big impact for all of us.

Pure Haven Laundry Detergent

I tried the Pure Haven laundry detergent over the course of a few weeks. It’s a powder detergent with no dyes, fragrances or sulfates. After doing several loads now our clothes are still really clean and feel great. I then replaced my dryer sheets with wool balls. Again so far so good. I’ve been told that if you want some fragrance to your laundry a few drops of essential oils on the wool balls do the trick. For me, no scent is just fine!

Toxin Free Cleaning Products

Next up in my journey of how to reduce toxins at home was looking at household cleaning products. I got to test out several products throughout my home. Two kids and two cats means lots of messes. All did a great job of cleaning but my absolute favorite is the Master Blaster. This is a work horse of a cleaning product. It easily took out cat throw up (gross but true) out of my favorite rug. The glass cleaner got my sliding door spotless, although it took me some getting used to the vinegar smell. So worth it though knowing we are all safe and toxin free!

Toxin Free Personal Care Products

Finally, I was able to try out some of Pure Haven’s most popular personal care products. Again, a lot of what I tried wasn’t just for me but also for Max’s skin. We live in an area where we are outside a lot. The bug off spray works great and wow is it SO nice not worrying about overusing deet on his skin.

Both of my boys favorite product is the boo boo stick. Just hearing that makes them feel better after a fall but it naturally helps the bruised area using botanicals.

Finally lets talk about the lavender dream cream. It’s a bit thicker than your everyday lotion and it smells like a relaxing spa in a bottle. I absolutely love it for myself and have also been using it on Max’s skin in an effort to prevent serious eczema flare-ups. So far it’s been a successful fall season for him!

Pure Haven Personal Care

Overall I’ve been so happy to find out that their are such great ways to reduce toxins in my home without feeling like I’m losing out on quality and effectiveness. I plan on continuing this journey and slowly looking for ways to swap out products. Next up for me is deodorant. I’d love to hear your thoughts on that and any other great toxin free products you’re loving!

How to Shop Pure Haven

If you are feeling inspired and want to shop Pure Haven products for yourself, you can find Kelly and her Pure Haven website hereAnd while you can of course shop each item individually, below are three bundles designed to help get started quickly on non toxic living. Pure Haven absolutely guarantees that every product is 100% free of toxins, with no compromises. It’s the ultimate peace of mind!

Pure Haven Lifestyle Bundle

Pure Haven Skincare Bundle

Pure Haven Ultimate Bundle

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I’m just sharing my personal experience and would love to hear yours!

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