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Jumpsuits: A Do or a Don’t?

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Jumpsuits are nothing new. They’ve been making the rounds for years and probably will continue to do so…but I wonder how many women take the leap and rock them in real life? I remember seeing a number of blogger style icons workin’ rompers/playsuits last year. How many really went all out with a jumpsuit? Sure the wrong one can be unflattering, but I’ve been sold on the idea that the right one can be incredibly chic!

The Spring 2011 runways were graced with a slew of gorgeously flowy one piece looks. Elie Saab’s beautiful creations stick out in my mind as some of my favorites! Check out the entire collection from Paris Fashion Week over at Fashionologie!

elie saab

Image via Fashionologie

I’ve always found it to be sublimely sexy when a woman takes the bull by the horns and wears pants to a black tie event. A jumpsuit is a feminine way to test that concept! What do you think lovelies? Do you see a jumpsuit in your future?

french connection ripple wonder jumpsuit

French Connection Ripple Wonder Jumpsuit

halston heritage silk charmeuse jumpsuit

Halston Heritage Silk-Charmeuse Jumpsuit at Net-A-Porter

halston heritage button front jumpsuit

Halston Heritag Button-Front Jumpsuit at Zappos Couture

On a side note…My eternally talented designer friend Stacy Lomman is raising funds to put forth her Fall collection. Please consider visiting her Kickstarter page and donating. Every little bit helps this artist get one step closer to her dreams!

stacy lomman



  1. Grace says

    I tend to think of jumpsuits as a don’t, but it really depends on the person. The Halston version is fabulous. A friend of mine got an indigo blue version from Forever 21 last year and rocked it. She’d blow out her hair in Farrah style waves – and looked like one of Charlie’s Angels. As for me, they’re a don’t. I just feel silly and uncomfortable (and a bit like a gas station attendant.) That said, I commend anyone who wears them, but it’s not everyone that can pull off the look.

    I’ll just add one last bit – Jump-suit wearers should consider ordering up a size, especially if tall. Nothing is worse than a too-tight jumpsuit… eek!

    Sorry for the essay.


  2. anh says

    i think jumpers are cute as long as its worn properly. i have one from BCBG that i bought last year. it was strapless and a sweetheart neckline. loved it.

  3. Emma says

    I definitely don’t have a jumpsuit figure and they always remind me of my Mum in the ’80’s so it would be a no from me I’m afraid!! x

  4. Heather says

    The styling of the Elie Saab one is perfect! The others…I’m not feeling them as much. But I could see one in my future if I had somewhere to rock it!

  5. Rachel from Love a la Mode says

    I have one from F21 ($15.99) that looks almost like the French Connection one above and I wear it to everything everything EVERYTHING with gold heels and a statement necklace… maybe I will have to do an outfit post on it. It looks so 70s and it’s jersey so it packs well, it’s an entire outfit in itself, love!!

  6. Christina says

    Ok so I love my romper. Obvi. But a jumpsuit is a little harder to pull off. This is where I would splurge (if I had splurging money) because I think the cut and texture would be so important. The top one is perfect. It also depends on where you live. Somewhere warm like FL or CA would be great, however, I don’t think people would be as accepting of it in Cleveland.

  7. Claire says

    I had a jumpsuit when I was 15. I thought I was hot. It was pink with cap sleeves and buttoned to the waist with a belt. I wore them with my white canvas pixi boots. Yeh, hot. hahaha

  8. Sherin says

    I fell in love with playsuits last summer. I quite like jumpsuits, and wish i have a chance to rock them. Don’t know if they’ll suit my shortness, lol.

  9. Courtney says

    Speaking from experience (there was an ill-fated incident in my past), I love the look of a jumpsuit when it’s done right but I can definitely not pull this look off. So I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of people wear them very successfully (I think it will be a big trend in upcoming collections) but I’ll be watching from the sidelines!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. MizzJ says

    Hmm I’m more tempted by the fun look of a romper than the overly 70s vibe of a jumpsuit. However both items beg the question of whether looking good is worth the hassle of becoming naked almost just to pee!

  11. Rachel Fausak says

    I so love a great jumpsuit! I wore a halter version on NYE 2002 and it was one of my most favorite NYE outfits…unfortunately, I borrowed it from a friend and since then I have wanted to add one to my wardrobe…so I’m all for them…bring on the jumpsuits!!!

  12. Moosette says

    For me a definite dont! I am only 5’4… so I feel that my legs are way too short to be pulling it off. I think some people can definitely look fabulous in them… just no me πŸ™

  13. J says

    If you’re tall and lanky and beautiful, jumpsuits are awesome.

    Any other combination might make it awkward…or downright wrong.

  14. Jen says

    I think if they are flowy and elegant like the first two, they are ok. Anything to close fitting and it’s bringing back a trend that should never resurface.

  15. Tiff says

    I think to pull off the jumpsuit you have to have a very specific body type. Long and lean. Short squatty girls, like myself, would not fair well in a jump suit.

  16. Liz says

    I think it can work on the right figure, sadly i don’t think my short roundish frame would pull it off very well, but i’m not opposed to it!

  17. Julia says

    If you have the right attitude you can pull off anything. That’s just the rule I live by. And so, I think jumpsuits are trendy and so totally in. I don’t have one…yet. πŸ™‚

  18. Jessica says

    I love the idea of them – and I adore how they look – but I’m not going to rock one. I just wonder about the practicality of them when I have to use the ladies room!

  19. Imogen says

    I have never worn a jumpsuit before but I would be interested to see what one would like on me and if it suits me. I definitely think they can look good if styled correctly.

  20. Holly says

    Oooh girl I wouldn’t even try, but I’m not very ballsy when it comes to fashion. I think it would be cute on the right person in the right situation.

  21. Michele says

    I’d rock that Halston Heritage silk charmeuse jumpsuit in a heartbeat! I agree with Maddy though – on the average woman I’m not sure if it can be pulled off.

  22. Daphne says

    Wow, I love the first gold one and the last black one a lot. But, yes not sure if I would buy/wear them in real life. The issue is ease of use, primarliy the difficulty of going to the bathroom. May be for a dressy evening event it could work. I do own one romper I got last year and wore it as a dressy piece.

  23. brett says

    rocked the style in high school
    my philosophy is usually that if I wore the trend when it was first in style that it is best not to revisit that style lol

  24. stacy says

    Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry I’m late to the party πŸ™ Thank you soooo much for the shout out! Love you girls, you’re the BEST! And I also happen to love that sexy French Connection number!


  25. carma says

    I’ve always liked jumpsuits – well, except for that time they wouldn’t let me into a club because I had on a denim jumpsuit and they said it was “jeans” – pffffff!!! had to drive all the way home while my friends (and future husband) stayed!!!!!
    BTW, it was from spiegel and a soft cotton

  26. Kate Coveny Hood says

    Not for me – but I think they can look super cute on the right person. Short people (or people with short legs) should probably steer clear.

    This reminds me of Gretchen’s winning jumpsuit on Project Runway.

  27. Polly says

    Im a jumpsuit lover, I have a cute little black one with 3/4 legs – looks fab with heels or dressed down with a tee and flats. All hail the jumpsuit.

  28. Casee Marie says

    I love the look of jumpsuits, but I haven’t worn one in years. I found a really darling animal print one on that I adore completely – – but they sold out of all sizes except UK 8/US 6 and that just isn’t going to be happening for me anytime soon. lol!

  29. Sierra says

    definitely not a fan, i have short legs and they would be super unflattering unfortunately! they do however look great on the ladies with long legs!

  30. Nadette@Eat, Read, Rant! says

    Even though the look of that black jumpsuit is cute, I just can’t get past the fact that a jumpsuit is an adult onesie. It literally makes me chuckle. And then there’s the fact that you have to disrobe almost entirely to answer nature’s call, and that’s defintely a deal breaker. But I would totally rock a two piece set to get the look of the last jumpsuit.

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