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Lovely Lace Frocks

There is something so sublimely feminine about lace frocks IMO…or a lace anything for that matter. We all know how much I love to sparkle…especially around the holidays, but I think it’s time I give another look a try for those dress up events I have on the horizon. Enter lace. Whether I choose a more traditional look or decide to go an edgier route, as I’m inclined to do right now, there are a multitude of beautiful options out there. And I just might already have something that I can make work in my closet.

lace peplum top

lace top outfit

I may remix one of my go-to lace tops for instance. I mean there are soooooo many ways to rock a lace top. You can go the full on dressy route or go for a more casual look depending on what kind of soiree you have to attend. As you can see from how my bestie and I styled our respective lace tops, the options are endless! And the same goes for lace frocks. They can be worn a multitude of ways too…Just don’t forget a statement piece!

If you want to go full on dressy with it, lace frocks really are the way to go. Sure little black dresses are fabulous, but little lace black dresses are really something to write home about! In fact, you can take inspiration from my lace peplum top look when you’re on the hunt for lace frocks and pick up a pair of statement shoes to go with them. I’m partial to animal prints!

lace frocks

So, is lace something y’all are planning on rockin’ this holiday season? Or is this a “trend” you’re leaving by the wayside? I hesitate to even call it a trend really. Lace is a classic look…and classics never go out of style. So, have you found a hot lace dress lately? Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. Bunny says

    So pretty! Last night I was trying to buy a white lace dress to bring to Florida next week but it had to shipped from England and I doubt it would be here in time…Plus it was so expensive I just could not justify spending that much especially at this time of the year…soooooo IF you happen to see a short white lace dress thats both sweet and sexy and not too weddingy Please let me know!! As if you are not busy enough 🙂

  2. L. says

    Thanks for dropping by, and the lovely comment dear! and you’re totally right! Lace is the trend worldwide, even here in Hong Kong!

  3. Shea says

    You know, that Rachel Roy dress is something that is totally different from what I usually go for, but for some reason I’m drawn to it. It’s so gorgeous! And I kinda love that it has sleeves!

  4. Bella Q says

    Lace isn’t a practical winter fabric, but I’m with you- I’ve been craving it all season. I acquired quite the collection but I must wait for warmer weather to enjoy.

    congrats on IFB link feature by the way. Go Bon-Bons!

  5. grace says

    Great post! I still personally adore sparkle (hence the name of my blog and all,) but would pair one of these lacy numbers with some sparkly necklaces and a big old cocktail ring!

    My favorite is the last one (Top Shop) – it reminds me a lot of the Alexander Wang naked dress that was so popular a year or so ago.

    Happy New Year!

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