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Pretty Holiday Cards from Minted

Holiday cards are a tradition that I just love. We excitedly open the mailbox to receive updates and greetings from friends and family all over the world. And for little ones who might not remember exactly who someone is, it is a great way to go over the photos and talk about family stories and how we are all connected. Did I you tell it’s something I just truly love!? Haha!

We’ve used Minted holiday cards for the past few years and the quality and variety in their cards are just breathtaking. Each year I kind of have a vibe I’m going for. Chic or funny, bold or serene, often it’s just about where we are in that moment of time. This year I wanted to create pretty holiday cards. Cards that were peaceful and happy. There was such a fabulous selection that it was hard to choose.

Here is the sneak peek of our 2016 Minted holiday cards.

Minted Holiday CardsDue to work schedules that had us hitting the road, we weren’t able to schedule our typical family photo shoot that I love to get each year. Instead I used photos of the boys from our two large trips. On the front is a family wedding in Scotland where they served as ring bearers (cutest lil’ kilts ever!) and on the back is the beach in Florida where we spent time with family and had an amazing vacation. I also used the back for a brief holiday message.

I am so happy with the results! They are the perfect reflection of where we are as a family right now and I can’t wait to send them to all our loved ones!

Also, how pretty is this felt garland? Minted has a selection of holiday decor that is all crafted so wonderfully. This garland is on our tree and I love the homemade elegance of it. Perfect for our tree which has really colorful ornaments and white lights.

Minted Holiday Cards

No matter what feeling you want your card to give its recipients, Minted has so many options for you to choose from. Here are some of my other favorite Minted holiday cards. You can see why it was so hard to choose!

Favorite Minted Holiday Cards

Templates: One / Two / Three / Four / Five

There is still time to order your cards from Minted so head over and look for the perfect statement you want to make this year.

Disclosure: We received samples for the purposes of review and this post.

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