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Nexxus Emergencee’ to the Rescue

Nexxus Emergencee'

A few weeks ago I had the exciting opportunity to head to LA and meet with Nexxus about their Emergencee’ line. I’ve loved Nexxus hair care products for years and the Emergencee’ line has been a great addition to my normal routine. Needless to say, I was thrilled to be a part of this video and talk about why its working for me.

Nexxus of course has a ton of great products including their Oil Infinite and Therappe and Humectress lines, but if you’ve followed my hair in the past few years its no surprise that I went for the Emergencee’ line. In the past year alone I went from highlights to ombre’ and back to highlights. I’ve definitely got a love for change when it comes to color. I’ve gone from red, dark brown to blonde. It’s so fun to change it up but man that takes a toll on a girls locks!

The Nexxus Emergencee’ line works to repair the hair and I mean really dig in deep to the fibers, making it healthier and stronger. I’ve noticed a great difference even with little hands grabbing at it constantly (Max loves to pull hair and earrings. No, Max, No!)!

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You can find Nexxus in the Walmart beauty aisle and watch out, I’m sure you are going to end up throwing a ton of other fun beauty finds in your cart, ha! Nail polish anyone?! Have you tried Nexxus? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Here’s to us all sporting healthy heads of hair, woot!

Disclosure: We received compensation for the purposes of this review. However all opinions expressed are our own.


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