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Project Runway Eliminated Designer Interview

If you watched last week’s episode, then you know you won’t be hearing a certain sweet southern drawl on Project Runway anymore. I must admit that I missed the mark when I predicted who I thought would go all the way based on the first couple episodes. Two of my top picks, Olivier and Anthony Ryan, are no longer in the running.

project runway

I was definitely surprised that Anthony Ryan was the one to get the boot last week, as I thought there were worse designs on the runway. I think Joshua M. is incredibly talented, but those black and white plaid pants were dreadful. Two words…Pancake booty.

project runway

When I caught up with Anthony Ryan on Friday, I asked him if he expected to be the one sent home after seeing his fellow designers’ looks. His response was, “No. I was pretty surprised that I went home. There were a couple that weren’t 70s at all and some were poorly made.”

project runway

When I inquired as to whether he had regrets regarding his looks for the 70s challenge he said that when he went into judging, he “felt ok. The maxi dress was kind of last minute, but I loved what I did with the first look.”

project runway

He definitely has confidence, and unlike some other designers, I don’t think it’s always misguided. Unless, we’re talking about that romper from episode five. EEEEK! Despite that little design flop, I think Anthony Ryan has a very bright future.

To his fans, he had this to say…”This isn’t the end for me. They will see me again!” And I sincerely hope we will!

If you’re hungry for more, you’ll be able to find my episode recap over at Lifetime Moms later in the week!


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