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Shorts that Will Take You into Fall, Plus Our Cowboy Boots Winner

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So, here in Florida we’ve got a couple more months of shorts wearin’ weather to get through, but those of you lucky enough to be experiencing a cool down definitely don’t have to pack away your shorts! Consider rockin’ them with some tights! They’re a fabulous alternative to a skirt. Don’t mind me…I’ll just be sitting here in Tampa…jealous that you get to sport tights. I’m afraid that I would pass out if I tried to put on a pair right now. HA!

Wearing shorts over tights is definitely not a new style concept, but I thought I would throw it out there since I tend to forget about it myself. I have a gorgeous pair of tweed shorts that totally didn’t make it out of my closet last fall. For shame! I, in fact, posted about this “trend” last winter and still forget to try out the look myself.

theory iselin plaid shorts

Theory Iselin Plaid Shorts at

topshop sequin bloomer shorts

Topshop Sequin Bloomer Shorts

forever 21 casual classy trouser shorts

Forever 21 Casual Classy Trouser Short {BonBon Deal of the Day at $15.80}

ella moss sedona shorts

Ella Moss ‘Sedona’ Shorts at Nordstrom

topshop gold button shorts

Topshop Gold Button Shorts

milly satin belted shorts

Milly Satin Belted Shorts at Net-A-Porter

forever 21 wool blend shorts

Forever 21 Wool Blend Shorts

p.s. The winner of our Corral Cowboy boots giveaway from Langston’s is Jamie from La Vie…J’aime! Email us with your contact email lady and we’ll get the ball rolling! Thank you so much to everyone who entered. We’ll have another fabulous giveaway for ya’ll tomorrow!

Disclosure: We select all our giveaway winners using the integer generating service.


  1. doodlesbylauren says

    Okay, so I sported short winter shorts, tights and heels on my very first date with my hubs…Jan.1993. And, I still love, love that look! Not going to be sporting it now, just because of my age, but it’s so cute!

  2. Kristina says

    Thanks for such a fun chat on BlogFrog! So glad to have “met” you! Umm can I just say that shortly after the chat ended I traipsed over to H&M and Forever 21 and spent $$$ on clothes & accessories? BUT one of the items was a camel colored blazer!! YAY!

  3. Allison says

    I haven’t found a cute pair of dress shorts on me in a while. I hate my thighs, so they have to be the oh so perfect length, or I’ll hate them! Not too short and not too long!

  4. gigiofca says

    I thought I’d do tights w/shorts last winter & it didn’t happen. I have issues w/leg & footwear. Me no likey. I think if I put the tights over the shorts, on the hanger, it’ll happen.

    Yay for the boots winner. That’s so cool.

  5. Daphne says

    Love the concept of tights with shorts. Here in southern CA we also are not ready for tights just yet but I can’t wait. I love the sequin one but probably won’t wear it enough to justify the price. I have been lusting after a cord pair from VS but hoping F21 would bring a cheaper version soon.

  6. Meli says

    I am so gonna try and rock this look this fall….but I am in TX so it will be “a minute” if you catch my drift!

    Congrats to lucky lady Jamie. You better WERK those boots!!!!!

  7. Holly says

    I have a love affair with tights that began when I was a little girl and just never went away. I love them with skirts especially, but I think I’ve been neglecting the idea of pairing them with shorts. It looks SO cute though! I’ll have to give that a try now that the cooler weather is just around the corner. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. carma says

    I have vowed to sticking to wearing shorter shorts. They just look so much cuter than bermudas which I think age those of us of a certain age 😉 You’ve got some excellent choices, and with tights – looks fabulous — congrats to your winner *wipes away tears*

  9. Annie Spandex says

    I remember my mom saying something negative about shorts over tights being tacky and because of that, I have a hard time with the look, even though I tend to defend “tacky” things as redeemable. It’s just one of those deeply ingrained kinds of things!

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