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Rachel Zoe Style

So, a couple of months ago I wrote a little post about some statement jewelry that I was diggin’ from one of Rachel Zoe’s QVC collections. Well, after watching The Rachel Zoe Project episode where they were at New York Fashion Week  recently, I was reminded to revisit her line and, lo and behold, I found quite a few more pretties that I would be happy to add to my wardrobe.

Say, what you want about Rachel, I happen to adore her, but I know there are some naysayers out there, the girl can style a look like nobody’s business and I guess it makes sense that she would have some killer pieces in her own collections. Am I in love with every single piece? No. But how often can you say that you would wear everything a designer puts out?

So, have any of you lovelies bought anything from Ms. Zoe and QVC? I would love to know how you feel about your purchase! Oh and have ya’ll seen her picks for Piperlime?  I check them out on the regular and they’re pretty spot on if you ask me. It’s like she picks out clothes for a living or something. HA! I MUST mention one more thing before I let you go…Brad. I love love love me some Brad! Don’t you just want to go shopping with him? One of these days, I’ll magically run into him and we’ll become instant friends. Stranger things have happened right? Don’t answer that.

So, which piece do you wanna take home?

rachel zoe double faced belted cape

Rachel Zoe Double Faced Belted Cape

rachel zoe sequin folded clutch with leathe trim

Rachel Zoe Sequin Folded Clutch with Leather Trim

rachel zoe slinky snake cuff bracelet

Rachel Zoe Slinky Snake Cuff Bracelet

rachel zoe patch pocket vest w/ sequin trim

Rachel Zoe Patch Pocket Vest w/ Sequin Trim

rachel zoe goldtone radiant flower ring

Rachel Zoe Goldtone Radiant Flower Ring {BonBon Deal of the Day at $34.12}

rachel zoe faux fur vest with hook and eye closure

Rachel Zoe Faux Fur Vest with Hook & Eye Closure


  1. style'n says

    Ok first off I LOVE this post and I am nodding my head in agreement with everything you are writing. And, I adore that sequin vest, cocktail ring, cuff bracelet, and the clutch. I am off to check these out. That ring is such a bargain.

  2. Jules says

    You’re absolutely right that the girl has style! She is very boho chic and I like that. I remember the ring you posted and remember loving it.

    I check her picks out on Piperlime as well and she always gets it right.

    From this collection, I really love the sequin clutch and flower ring!

  3. Meli says

    I am loving the cape…I hear those are IT this season. I wish I would have kept the vintage red plaid one from my mom’s closet….oh that’s right! I did!!! Yippppeee…..

  4. Tina says

    I will admit I watch her….but really because I think she is hilarious. (or BUH nan UHS). But I love Brad. I’d die. He’s so major.

  5. Bunny says

    I think she is great, unbelievable style! I saw her on QVC and almost bought the bag you featured above but I left the room and forgot all about it! Maybe now I should go for it before it sells out.

  6. Jen says

    Ohhh I love Rachel Zoe! I’m so excited for the final episode from this season tomorrow, but also sad it’s ending. I must record lots and lots of old episodes so I don’t have withdrawals!

    Beautiful post!! <3

  7. Kellie says

    I am loving that cuff bracelet and as soon as I saw the ring, I thought initially that it was a brooch but it’s still very pretty. I’m only just starting to add some cool jewelry to my collection, I’ve always been more conservative but have noticed lately that sometimes a little “Wow” is well worth it and these definitely have some Wow!

  8. Molly says

    Both of those vests are fantastic. I’ve never purchased anything from her line, but her show cracks me up and she is certainly gifted at what she does.

  9. Viktoria says

    I’m diggin’ the sequined vest… Especially for New Year’s Eve! But I’m not sure I could pay $72 for a vest like that… It’s not suitable for work! 🙂

  10. firepages says

    No contest. The flower ring. I absolutely love Rachel Zoe (and Brad). I haven’t checked out her QVC line, but your post just put that on my to do list! Awesome post!

  11. Kelly says

    I love her too! Her show is a total guilty pleasure! 🙂 And Brad is just too adorable for words. I am always checking out her picks on Piperlime – she has great taste.

  12. gigiofca says

    The cape you featured and the leather handbag should be in my house soon. I happened to catch the show sometime last week & got sucked in. I had to try that cape! Not sure how the handbag will look, but I’m game to try.

  13. Sass says

    Don’t even start me on RZ. I love that woman. Whole heartedly. And I don’t say that about just any reality star. It’s bananas. And Brad? I’m totally in love with that guy. GBF material all the way.
    That cuff! And the fur vest! Yep, she’s spot on.

  14. Daphne says

    Love the cape but wouldn’t get much use of that here. The vest is very nice looking and the price is not that bad. I am still hoping to find one cheaper though.

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