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Accessories I’m Loving this Season

Tomorrow is the last day of the Top 25 Moms with Style contest. Help us by getting your vote in today pretty please with sugar on top!

I have some really exciting news to tell you about lovelies! I’ve been hired as a fashion expert for the new and improved Savvy Living Community by Ebates! Over at the Savvy Living Community you’ll find a forum where you can connect with like minded shoppers. You’ll be able to chat about everything from the hottest fashion trends, beauty, your favorite recipes, your home, gardening and so much more!

Tomorrow, 5/5, from 8-9 PM EST, the Savvy Living Community is having a launch party where $1500 in prizes will be given away, including some fabulous door prizes for those who RSVP! Won’t you join us? I guarantee a good time will be had by all!

Here is an example of a discussion I recently started over at the Savvy Living Community. I KNOW there are lots of you lovely readers who can weigh in with your favorite accessories for the season!

Hi, my name is Kristin and I’m a full blown accessories addict. I have no problem admitting that! Haha! Accessories can transform the plainest of ensembles into a look that people really notice.

Here in Florida it’s already pretty hot, so it feels more like summer than spring. Therefore, I keep my daytime uniform pretty simple. A tank and bermudas or maybe a light sundress is typically what you’ll find me wearing. What keeps my spring/summer uni from being boring are my accessories! A cocktail ring, statement earrings, bangles or a fabulous necklace can instantly elevate an outfit!

Personally, I’m loving the look of layered, bold bangles this season! American Eagle has some that I think would look just gorgeous paired with a little white frock. AND if you order them through Ebates, you’ll get 3% cash back! So, now that you’ve seen an example of the way too many (ha ha) accessories that I’m diggin’ this season…care to tell me which accessories you’re rockin’?

Visit the “What accessory trends are you loving?” Discussion

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