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Are you swimsuit ready?

How many of you want to deck me for titling a post that way? HAHA! I’m sorry, but here in Florida, swimsuit season is just about here and mama’s not ready! Where did winter go?!? I’ve been meaning to seriously commit to getting in better shape and after several days of temps in the 80s, I’m now fully inspired! I think my reward for all the workouts I plan to get in will be a new tropical vaycay worthy ensemble. Oh, and I need to work on convincing the hubs that we have the time and funds for that tropcial vaycay. The outfit might be more realistic. Just sayin’.

You may remember me professing my love for the color orange the other day…Well, it’s not limited to handbags. I’m really diggin’ this juicy J. Crew swimsuit! Orange is a major color force this season! Finally, my Gator gear is in style. Woot woot!

j crew bandeau swimsuit

Where would a swimsuit be without its coverup? I’ve made it no secret that stripes are my poison. How cute is this Splendid number? Am I the only one who’s forever tempted by Shopbop’s lovely stock?

splendid striped suzy hooded cover up dress

Espadrille wedges…I’ll never stop loving them. Every spring I want a new pair! These Steve Madden beauties that I found at Macy’s just might be the winners this year!

steve madden fantastik wedge

What are y’all looking forward to rockin’ this swimsuit season? And more importantly…how are you getting or staying in shape for it?

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The Lovelies


  1. Gracie says

    We are moving out of summer here but the weather is still scorching so I’m sure I will be rocking the swimsuit for awhile longer.

    Love the stripy cover up.

    • The BonBon Rose Girls says

      I’m sure you’re further along than me lady. You and Jillian have been seeing a lot more of each other lately than she and I…HAHA!

  2. Grace says

    Haha, it’s definitely a good thing that I have tennis season to tone me up before the swimsuits come out of the closet! That J. Crew one piece is so cute; I’m kind of liking the idea of wearing one of their yellow bikinis this year.

  3. Elle says

    hmmm such adorable picks. I’m jealous- I wanna be there in that weather! 🙁 too bad I’m not home in Florida till mid may. not really for swimsuit season in particular but I have been hitting the gym today. Finally getting the hang of the rowing machine…. killer workout.

  4. Johanna says

    I’m sooo ready for swimsuit season (even if my bod is not!)!! High of 80 today…it’s supposed to snow next week! AHHHHHHH!!! Bring on the sunshine! Might have to pop down to my ol stomping grounds in Tampa to get some sun on mace! *muah*

  5. Kinsey Michaels says

    You’re so lucky that it’s already getting to be swimsuit season where you live Kristin!
    It’ll be a long while before we feel the heat in the Boston area 🙂 But I’m loving the cut of that suit. Usually Victoria’s Secret is my go-to spot to get sexy suits.

  6. natalie says

    LOVE how you worked orange + blue into the swimsuit post! I’m not beach ready yet, but may just have to buy the suit & coverup you found!

  7. hi-d says

    I agree with you…love the color orange and I want to deck you! hahaha…just kidding…but I’m definitely not ready to be sporting a swimsuit. 🙂

  8. Krystle says

    Hey ladies!! I just found you through Colette’s Twitter Tuesday!! Your blog is fabulous and I look forward to going back to see what else you’ve been posting lately! Speaking of swimsuit season, I am a new blogger {style} and have added a segment featuring my other passion called “Be Fit | Live Well | Have Fun! Obviously that’s about fitness and healthy living. If you stop by you will see an ab workout tutorial from Sunday. This week I will be posting a couple more “how to’s” on ab workouts. Feel free to shoot me an email if there’s anything you’d like to see on that segment in coming weeks! I’m loving the striped cover up by the way! so cute

  9. Kristin says

    Oh, no! I am not ready! The stress of the move made me paste on some extra pounds even though I have been running… so yesterday I began Yoga again… Will need to remember to breath!!!
    Have a fabulous day!

  10. Maria says

    That orange swimsuit is gorgeous! I found the perfect bikini the other day…sadly I won’t get any beach holiday this year though! (moving into a new house, just as exciting, but I will miss the beach)

  11. jasna says

    Aaaah we are having another heat wave in Cape Town, so I am swimsuit ready all the time, lol,its the only thing to keep cool.
    Happy Tuesday hun xxx

  12. Nadette@Eat, Read, Rant! says

    I’m loving that bathing suit cover up, it’s too cute. I think bold stripes are just what I need for the beaches of southern spain this spring! And i’ve never been into espadrilles, but I’m considering a pair for my trip. they look so comfy!

  13. Torrie @ a place to share... says

    Yes, here in CA, it is also right around the corner… and no, I’m not ready(!), but the boot camp workouts are getting me there… much sooner into the season than usual! My session ends on Friday, which means, Goodbye boot camp, Hello Jillian.

    (love those wedges… a friend of mine just bought a pair… slightly jealous =)

  14. Traci B says

    Well, you know I’ve been doing Yogalates. I’ve been going 3 times a week but I’m STILL not swimsuit ready. It was 85 yesterday so it definitely won’t be long! I did buy a really cute coverup this weekend.

  15. oomph. says

    i’m in seach of the perfect wedge espadrilles! i had (my) perfect pair, but the finally broke! they go with everything!

  16. Moosette says

    Urrgghhh… I dont know how I always seem to let myself fall out of the ‘swimsuit ready’ zone! I have been putting extra time in at the gym trying to expediate the whole process 😉

  17. Jennie says

    haha Working on it!! Still on track since January only a few slip ups! But Being in Florida Also that Swim suit season is practically here! I am very much tho for the wedges!

  18. Katy Mary says

    I don’t think I could rock orange but I love the style of the suit and the striped sundress is gorg! I am so jealous of your nice temps, we’re in the 30s here today 🙁

  19. Jules says

    Swimsuit season is going to be coming a lot quicker for me this year since we leave for vacation at the end of April. I need to get to the gym more than 2 days a week…LOL!

    That suit from J. Crew would look mighty fine with the coverup from Splendid!

    Good luck with the lovelies 🙂 I voted last week.

  20. Kelly says

    I’ve been thinking the same thing! Although it’s still pretty cold up here in NJ I just started getting my butt in gear to get swimsuit ready!

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