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How to Help Sick Kids Feel Normal

If your child has been sick for an extended period of time, life tends to lose its sparkle for them. After going through a medical issue with my son, I have a few tips for how to make sick kids feel normal again.  This summer has been full of ups and downs. And, frankly, the downs have ... READ the POST

A Back-To-School Routine to Encourage Independence

This post has been sponsored by Coca-Cola. All thoughts and opinions are my own. As we head back-to-school soon I’ve really been looking for opportunities to encourage independence in my children. While I would love to keep them my babies forever, I know it’s my role as their parent to ensure ... READ the POST

Our Best Bedtime Routine Tips for Toddlers

Bedtime...It's no picnic for us parents. Am I right? That goes double when we're talking about toddlers. I've yet to meet a toddler who loves to shut down at the end of the night. My son certainly doesn't relish the thought. Haha! So, like most moms, I've had to get creative and piece together some ... READ the POST

Ultimate Family Helper: The Original Learning Tower

Teaching my kids to be more independent is something I've struggled with. On the one hand, I know they aren't babies anymore, but on the other hand, I sure do want them to be. Haha! But I can't ignore the facts and the facts are that they're well past the baby stage and ready to do some things on ... READ the POST

Daddy Daughter Date Night Idea: Bob Evans

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Watching the relationship between my husband and my daughter flourish has been one of life's greatest gifts. It's the kind of relationship I longed for as a little one and to see my baby girl so beloved by her daddy and to see the way her eyes light up whenever ... READ the POST