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Three Tasty Valentine’s Day Treats

I know it's another month until Valentine's Day, but this holiday loving girl needs something new to focus on. And much like Christmas, I start celebrating heart day a wee bit early. Why wait until the holiday is nearly upon us before we start having all kinds of fun with it? So, I thought I would ... READ the POST

Warm Cranberry Citrus Punch

It's the time of year for hosting friends and family (yes I may be singing Christmas Carols in my head). Sometimes for me, it can feel a little overwhelming to get it all together between cleaning, shopping and preparing all the food. Oh and not to mention as soon as I get something clean there is a ... READ the POST

Get Your Soup On

I'm all about the fall soup recipes. We have our first really crisp week of sunny sixty degree weather and it is adding a spring to my step. Ok that and having Columbus Day off kind of helped with the whole springing about thing. It seems kind of silly to have Columbus Day off as a holiday but it ... READ the POST

How To Make a Green Smoothie with Beech-Nut

As a mom of two VERY energetic boys, Jake (a 4-year-old) and Max (a 1 ½ year-old), it can be hard to get them to focus on food. After all, there are so many games to play! And like many parents, I really strive to make sure they are eating a balanced diet with healthy, nutritious foods. I wasn’t ... READ the POST

How to Make Perfect Cocktails While Traveling

Who doesn't love to feel like a chic globetrotter while jetting from location to location. Sure when it's vacation, I'm THAT mom. You know the one in the airport who is trying to wear out her boys so that they then fall asleep in flight. The one with strollers and toys and bags of snacks. Yeah ... READ the POST

Put Me In the Zoo Themed Snack Mix

Happy Dr. Seuss Day! I'm back with another Dr. Seuss influenced treat in honor of this special day...Put Me in the Zoo themed snack mix. Put Me in the Zoo has always been my favorite Dr. Seuss story and I'm happy to say that my little ones love it just as much! So, they obviously appreciate this ... READ the POST

Lemon Cookies Recipe

In my never ending pursuit of spring, I have found myself turning to spring inspired recipes as well as pouring over spring fashion finds. Even if it hasn't quite warmed up yet, I will make feel like it has in my house by surrounding myself with things that remind me of spring. Case in point...lemon ... READ the POST

Dressed Up Chocolates Recipe

With spring on the horizon but not quite here, we needed a little pick me up. It's been a long winter and nothing cheers us up quite like chocolate. Haha! We aren't the only ones who get a hankering for chocolate every now and again day right? Oh good. So, have you ever tried your hand at making ... READ the POST

Banana Bread Cake Recipe

My mom is an amazing cook. She can literally through together anything off the top of her head and it turns out incredible. I would say she creates from instinct more than recipes, but even she knows that when you find a good recipe, you don't mess with. That's what this banana bread cake recipe ... READ the POST

Valentine Champagne Cocktail

That loving holiday is around the corner and nothing says romance like champagne!  It is truly the ultimate romantic cocktail. So, I went about combining some of my most favorite libations into a pretty little Valentine Champagne Cocktail for this year. And, I think I came up with quite a lovely ... READ the POST