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Red Rain Boots for Spring

Valentine's Day Oxford Shirt

Who doesn't need a pop of color come those rainy days of Spring? I always forget how rainy and muddy the season can get. And even though it is just February we've already been getting rain. So red rain boots for spring are just perfect! Bring on the fun wellies! Red Rain Boots for Spring I live on 2 acres of land that I love playing and exploring around with the boys. I call it "mucking about" and it's a great way to waste a morning and get fresh air. I also take a kid to the...

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Printable Emoji Valentine’s Day Cards

Who wants some free printable emoji Valentine's Day cards?! I knew you would! I bet your kids are as obsessed with emojis as mine are right?! A couple years ago my son figured out how to text from his iPad and would interject his emoji heavy thoughts into my text threads because somehow my texts were connected to his tablet. Bwah! Until I was able to stop that, my bestie had to deal with seeing poop emojis on the regular. Hahaha! So, being that emojis are still quite popular in my house, I thought emoji...

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Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Shopbop

Galentine's Day gift ideas

Now that we're saying goodbye to January, it's time to get serious about Valentine's Day! Let's talk Galentine's Day gift ideas! Because while I love celebrating the love I have for my hubs and my kiddos, my girlfriends are incredibly important part of my life too! For me, Valentine's Day is about ALL my loves! In fact, this year, I'm having a few ladies over Valentine's Day weekend for Galentine's Day get together. I'll be treating them to bubbly, sweet treats and even some festive favors. Because whether you have a significant other or not, you...

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Cute and Easy Valentine’s Day Treats for Kids

Christmas is barely over and here I am about to talk to you about Valentine's Day. There's no shame in my game! What can I say? I just love celebrating holidays and Valentine's Day is one of my favorites. First, I adore celebrating the love I share with my honey. But I also have a blast surprising my kiddo with special treats. My mom always made Valentine's Day so festive for my sister and myself when we were growing up. I've so enjoyed continuing on that tradition with my own little ones. And I bet...

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Three Festive Valentine’s Day Drinks

So, are you staying in on Valentine's Day or do you have big plans to go out on the town? If your couch is where you plan on landing this Valentine's Day night, you aren't alone. The hubs and I have always celebrated heart day before or after February 14th rather than on the actual day. We prefer avoiding the crowds for a cozy snuggle fest at home. You see, our Valentine's Day tradition has long been to order in takeout, watch a movie and crack open a bottle of vino or mix up some...

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Emoji Valentine Oreos Recipe

Who doesn't love a good emoji? And that goes double for emoji Valentine Oreos..Am I right?! I mean I use the wine emoji on a daily basis, but emoji Oreos? Sign me up! Bwah! And my kiddo can't get enough of emojis either. In fact, I found a texting exchange between him and Megan that was complete with several poop emojis. Needless to say, she figured out it wasn't me eventually. Haha! So, in honor of you fellow social media lovers, we bring you some super special sweets! It doesn't get much cuter than emoji...

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Valentine’s Day Ready Outfits

With Valentine's Day heading our way in a few weeks, I thought it would be a great time to talk Valentine's Day style. While the hubs and I typically don't go out on the actual day, we do try to plan a date around that time, whether that means it's the weekend before or the weekend after. Mama loves an excuse to dress up. Now it's not like I never dress up. I certainly try to bring a little style to most of my outfits, whether I'm in the school pick up line or grabbing...

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