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Valentine’s Day Goody Bags Station for Kids

Do you need some last minute Valentine’s Day ideas for kids this year? Never fear! Our easy Valentine’s Day goody bags station is what you’ve been looking for. Read on to see how to make your own!

valentine's day goody bag fillers like heart shaped headbands, heart glasses and red and pink candy

If you’re anything like this mom, you love celebrating any and every holiday with your kids. And Valentine’s Day is no exception in our house. Much like I do with Christmas, I start celebrating Valentine’s Day EARLY. Haha! That means we read Valentine’s Day books, decorate the house with hearts galore and whip up some 

That being said, I save the gifts for the big day. As much as I love my hubs, I have more fun dreaming up fun Valentine’s Day ideas for our kids. Relaxing with glass of wine and a movie on the couch is plenty romantic for this girl! 

So, since I try to come up with different Valentine’s Day surprises for kids each year, I thought I would let them make their own gift this time. That’s where my easy Valentine’s Day goody bags station comes into play. 

This goody bags station could actually serve a variety of purposes. You could take one in to your child’s classroom. You could throw a little Valentine’s Day party for your kiddos’ friends. Or you could make like me and surprise your little ones with their very own Valentine’s Day goody bag station when they wake up!

So, how do you make a goody bags station? I’m so glad you asked! 

dollar tree valentine's day treats like heart sunglasses, heart rings and pink and red candy

Valentine's Day goody bag fillers like candy and heart glasses

Easy Valentine Goody Bags Station 

Now, you may be wondering where is the best place to buy goody bag fillers. For this goody bags station project, I went to one of my favorite spots to grab party supplies, Dollar Tree. They always have a slew of fun and festive goodies that are perfect for goody bags, especially around the holidays. Now you could include both candy and non-candy treats like I did or just do one or the other. 

You will find that places like Dollar Tree, the Target dollar section and Walmart have loads of budget-friendly surprises, so you can really load up your goody bags station with plenty of goodies. First, I recommend you choose a color palette and then seek out treats in those colors.

You probably noticed the red, pink and purple theme I have going on here. They’re my daughter’s favorite colors, so choosing that particular palette was a no brainer for her Valentine’s Day goody bags. Obviously, that was a great palette for heart day, but you can make a goody bags station for any occasion, using any color combo you choose! It would be so fun to do a for a kid’s birthday party, but I digress…

For my goody bags, I chose things like heart shaped glasses, slinkies, headbands, gemstone rings, all kinds of pink, red and purple candy and even little toy unicorns and painting kits. They’re basically all my baby girl’s favorite things. She’s yet to meet a craft or piece of candy she didn’t love. Bwah! Don’t worry. I’ll hang on to the candy so she doesn’t eat herself sick. Haha!

candy bracelets, airheads and gum for goody bags

paint kit, beads and ring pops for goody bags

rice krispie treats, airheads, blow pops and heart shaped rings on white tray

Valentine’s Day Surprises for Kids

So, there you have it, a sweet and simple Valentine’s Day goody bags station. And in case you aren’t ready for the Valentine’s Day fun to be over, I included some more fun Valentine’s Day surprises for kids below!

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