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The New Trader Joe’s Seasoning You Need Now: Everything but the Elote

Get ready to want to run to Trader Joe’s immediately for my favorite new Trader Joe’s seasoning, Everything but the Elote. Read on for my reasons why you need it now!

If you follow us on Instagram, you know that I live for Trader Joe’s. I often share my top Trader Joe’s finds of the week in my stories and today’s new find is the new Trader Joe’s seasoning that I shared as soon as I got it home! It’s that good!

Similar to their Everything but the Bagel seasoning, I have a feeling that their Everything but the Elote seasoning is going to develop its own cult following sooner rather than later. And with good reason…It is EVERYTHING you guys. I’m not a huge all in one seasoning kinda girl…I like to mix and match. This seasoning however has me hook, line and sinker…

If you like traditional elote seasoned corn, you’re going to love this seasoning! All those delicious ingredients you’ve come to expect from elote are in Everything but the Elote. I’m talking salt, chili pepper, cheese, cumin…the works!

Now you may be wondering what to put Everything but the Elote seasoning on? Well, that’s why I’m here my friends. I’ve already tested it out and have a slew of tasty ideas for you today! It’s the perfect topping for so many snacks!

everything but the elote seasoning on white distressed table

My Top Trader Joe’s Seasoning Pick

So far my favorite way to enjoy Everything but the Elote is on top of popcorn. I love a nice bowl of air popped popcorn with little more than sea salt. It’s delicious in its simplicity. Or you could go the super lazy route like I did and just grab a bag of Trader Joe’s Movie Theater popcorn, but I digress.

Hot Trader Joe’s shopping tip: I actually picked both of these items up because they displayed them together. That is the genius of Trader Joe’s. Before you start checking off the items on your list, take a quick lap to check out their new offerings. I daresay you’ll find one or two new must-haves!

So, what are some other ways to use Everything but the Elote? Hmmm, let’s think…

bag of movie theater popcorn and everything but the elote seasoning blend

Three More Ways to Use Everything but the Elote

1. On salad…Whip up your favorite Southwest salad. I love a nice mix of butter lettuce, bacon crumbles, cheddar jack cheese, tomatoes, avocado, corn and Everything but the Elote. It’s such a simple, yet tasty dish!

2. On eggs…I like nothing more than a little spice on my eggs in the morning. That usually comes from my trusty sriracha, also from Trader Joe’s, but now I have a new way to enjoy them. Much like my easy Southwest salad, eggs can be topped with similar ingredients. 

3. On baked potatoes…I work from home, so I could whip up an elaborate lunch each day. Does that happen? No. Haha! I’m all about quick and easy during the day and my favorite new Trader Joe’s seasoning is jazzing up my baked potato like nobody’s business!

Now those are just a few ways to use Everything but the Elote. I’ve only had it since Sunday after all. Haha! I’ll be sure to check back in with some more ideas once I have had time to experiment even more with my favorite new Trader Joe’s seasoning!

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