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Lillebaby Baby Carrier Review

baby carrier

I am one babywearing loving mama! My favorite accessory is my sweet lil’ boy snuggled up to Mommy’s chest in his carrier. There is nothing better than having your baby close enough to kiss at any moment. Being the babywearing fan that I am, I have tried a few carriers on the market and I must say when I met my Lillebaby it was an IMMEDIATE love fest.

The Lillebaby is incredibly easy to adjust as well as easy to put on. Once I adjusted the carrier to fit Mommy comfortably and baby safely, I was amazed at how I felt zero weight. I also immediately noticed how comfortable my baby boy was. He was instantly at ease and smiling up at me completely relaxed. He has the room to snuggle his arms in or out, which is important for my lil’ guy. He loves his arms in to sleep and snuggle, however, likes is arms out when he is very playful and alert.


One of my very favorite features of the Lillebaby carrier is the back support. I was simply stunned at the difference I feel (or should I say don’t feel) in my back after hours of wearing my lil’ bubba in his Lillebaby. I have absolutely no back pain after wearing him for hours and hours in this carrier. It has been truly incredible. I have used this carrier for everything from hiking, to long days at theme parks, travel (ahhhh to be hands free when at the airport is beyond helpful), grocery shopping, and more. I can say that my Lillebaby is my go to carrier as it never disappoints.

back support

Other features of the Lillebaby such as the soft, durable, easy to clean material, ease of adjustability, back support, ability to carry in multiple positions, and the asthetics of the product have made me a Lillebaby fan for life. I daresay you will be too after experiencing this rock star carrier.

And to you my dears I say go forward, rock that Lillebaby, and most importantly… #wearallthebabies…

Disclosure: We were not paid for this post. We were provided a sample for review.

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