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The Easy Way to Clean Up After Pets and Kids


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white goldendoodle in front of gray couch next to white stick vacuum

Who’s messier…pets or kids? It’s a toss up in this house. Haha! And I bet you fellow pet and kid parents are in the same boat, so I’m going to share the easy way to clean up after pets and kids with you today!

That’s right. I said EASY. There are a couple gadgets that I just can’t get enough of right now. And, soon, I bet you won’t be able to live without them either! You see, this mama is BUSY and I need gear on hand to help me get this house in order FAST. I know you can relate.

blue box with white vacuum on it

hoover vacuum in red box

white goldendoodle sitting on wood floor in front of white handheld vacuum

The Best Vacuums for Pet Owners

Enter the ONEPWR™ Evolve Pet™ Cordless Vacuum and ONEPWR™ Dust Chaser™ Hand Vacuum…These handy little pieces of cleaning tech are game changers for messy lives my friends.

Because, let’s face it. Life isn’t filled with an endless array of Instagram ready moments. It’s jam packed with plenty of messy moments, with a few nicely staged moments sprinkled in between. Am I right?

Don’t get me wrong. I miss getting dressed up and posing for pretty pics like the one below, but that just isn’t my reality right now. 

More often than not, I’m on my hands and knees cleaning up yet another mess. You know those things you see SO more of when your family is home like ALL the time? Seriously. There are just so…many…more…MESSES!

woman with long brown hair wearing brown sweater holding white goldendoodle on gray couch

Cleaning up Pet Messes

Whether it’s the dog knocking over one of the kids’ snacks, or a kid actually sharing their snack with her, Mama’s floors see one too many crumbs. Bwah!

Luckily, the ONEPWR™ Evolve Pet™ Cordless Vacuum and ONEPWR™ Dust Chaser™  Hand Vacuum can solve most of my messy problems. This lightweight, cordless stick vacuum cleaner AND portable hand vacuum will make quick work out of all your spills too!

Life is hard enough…We don’t need to be stressing over messes. Less fuss, more fun is a mantra that has always resonated with me and Hoover clearly feels the same way. Did you know both those products are cordless? The ONEPWR™ Lithium-Ion battery offers up fade-free power and runtime so you can clean anywhere, anytime without being limited to the cord length!

little girl dumping out goldfish crackers and white dog eating them

white handheld vacuum cleaning up cracker crumbs off turquoise rug

Cleaning up Kid Messes

And let’s talk pet hair…We got our dog because my son was allergic and she “doesn’t shed.” Even with the minimal amount of shedding that mane of hers does, I still see plenty of balls of fluff rolling across the floor.

And as tidy and groomed as we keep her, dogs are dogs. So, the antimicrobial brush roll and pet filter in the Evolve Pet that help prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria are clutch. And the Dual Filtration with HEPA Media in the Dust Chaser captures 99.97% of dust, pet dander & allergens. Score!

She’s a good girl, really she is, but she certainly can’t resist a snack temptingly left out for her to scarf. My kids are really good at forgetting to put away said snacks. Haha! Luckily the Evolve lets you easily transition from carpets to hard floors with the adjustable brush roll and suction settings. From confetti to crackers and area rugs to hardwoods, these Hoover products tackle it all! 

white vacuum standing up in front of gray couch

Hoover Vacuum Discount Code

So, have you seen enough? Are you ready to pick up your own ONEPWR™ Evolve Pet™ Cordless Vacuum and ONEPWR™ Dust Chaser™ Hand Vacuum now that you know the easy way to clean up after pets and kids?

Well, you’re in luck! I have a discount code for you! Use code MESSYMEMORIES for 10% off ONEPWR vacuum products on (this is not valid on already discounted products). Valid until 10/31. Happy quick and easy cleaning!

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