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The First Time I Held the Dude

kristin and the dude

Head over to the Million Moms Challenge site to read about what was running through my head the first time I held my little man! Here’s a little taste of my post:

The first thought that went through my mind when I held my son for the first time was that thing that every parent waxes poetic about, but you don’t really understand what they mean until you become a parent yourself. At that moment, I thought about how I had no idea that I could love someone so much. I love my hubs with all my heart and soul, but the love I felt for my child was just different. I knew my life was forever changed for the better and I was giddy over the thought of watching my beautiful boy grow up.

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You can find out more about the amazing Million Moms Challenge, which is focused on raising awareness and funds to help women and babies all over the world survive pregnancy, by checking them out on Facebook and Twitter!

Disclosure: We were compensated for this post, but the opinions expressed are my own.


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